Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

Are you tired of running on the treadmill and staring at a wall? Do you dread running outside in bad weather?

Well, I have good news for you – there are gyms out there that have indoor running tracks!

Finding a gym with an indoor track can be a total game-changer for your fitness routine.

It allows you to switch things up from the boring old treadmill, and get your cardio in no matter what it’s like outside, and if you’re an athlete, it’s amazing for your training.

The only problem? Indoor tracks can be hard to find! Many gyms simply don’t have the space or budget to build them. But don’t worry, I’ve researched for you.

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks

Gyms with Indoor Tracks

In this article, I’ll share the top 9 gym chains that have locations with indoor running tracks.

So lace up your sneakers and let’s get started on your search for the perfect indoor track!

Benefits of Running on an Indoor Track

Before we dive into the list of gyms, let’s talk about why you might want to seek out an indoor track in the first place:

  • It allows you to run no matter the weather outside.
  • The cushioned surface is easier on your joints than concrete.
  • You can zone out and not worry about obstacles, traffic, etc.
  • It’s perfect for speed workouts and interval training.
  • You can accurately measure your distance and pace.

Indoor track running gives you all the benefits of running outdoors, minus the downsides and variables you can’t control.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Top 9 Gym Chains with Indoor Tracks

Okay, now that you’re sold on indoor track running, here are 9 gym chains where you can likely find one near you.

Keep in mind though, that not every location of each gym will have a track.

  • Gold’s Gym:

Gold’s Gym is a fitness icon, known for producing legendary bodybuilders. But did you know some locations also have incredible indoor tracks? Yep, Gold’s doesn’t mess around with their facilities, and that includes their running surfaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a Gold’s with a track near you, expect a high-quality, well-maintained lane that’s perfect for sprint workouts and speed training. The only downside? It might cost a bit more than your average gym. But for serious runners, it’s worth every penny to have such a top-notch place to train indoors.

  • 24 Hour Fitness:

24 Hour Fitness is all about convenience, with round-the-clock access to help you fit workouts into even the busiest schedule. And at some of their higher-end “Super Sport” locations, that convenience comes with the bonus of an indoor track! Now, these tracks may not be as big or impressive as what you’d find at a specialty running gym. They’re usually smaller, shorter tracks that are better for walking and jogging. But if you’re just looking for a way to log some indoor miles no matter the hour, 24 Hour Fitness has got you covered.

  • Crunch Fitness:

Crunch is all about making fitness fun and accessible, with crazy low membership prices that won’t break the bank. But a small budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the little luxuries—like an indoor track! Some Crunch locations have tracks that snake around the building interior, giving you a welcome alternative to the treadmill. No, they may not be the fanciest or have the most advanced surfaces. But for an affordable gym with the option to run in any weather? Crunch’s tracks are a pretty sweet bonus that you can feel good about, your body and wallet.

  • LA Fitness:

If you thought LA Fitness was just for muscle heads pumping iron, think again! This budget-friendly chain has some great perks for cardio junkies too, like indoor tracks at their signature clubs. Now, don’t go in expecting an Olympic-level running experience. The tracks at LA Fitness are usually a bit smaller, and the surfaces aren’t designed for hardcore training in spikes or cleats. But if your main goal is to have a dry place to jog a few laps? The indoor track at LA Fitness is a solid choice that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Lifetime Fitness:

For a truly premium indoor running experience, it’s hard to beat LifeTime Fitness. This luxury chain is known for its jaw-dropping, mega-sized athletic resorts that take the concept of a “gym” to a whole new level. And yes, that includes some locations with legit indoor running tracks! You can expect lifetime tracks to be bigger, better quality, and just all around next level compared to what you’d find at a budget gym. Of course, those perks come at a price—lifetime isn’t cheap. But if you’ve got the cash to splash, why not treat yourself to the best of the best?

  • Equinox:

Equinox is another “spare no expense” kind of gym that caters to a high-end crowd. And for affluent athletes looking for unique places to run indoors, their facilities do not disappoint! Some Equinox clubs tuck their indoor tracks into cool places like rooftops or outdoor covered areas, giving you a much more scenic running experience. Others go the traditional indoor route, but level up the details like lighting, surfaces, and amenities. No matter the setup, if it’s in an Equinox, you know it’s going to be posh. Just prepare yourself for some sticker shock when you see the membership prices!

  • Genesis Health Clubs:

Never heard of Genesis Health Clubs? If you’re not from the Midwest, that’s probably why. This regional chain is smaller than the big national names but has a solid reputation and loyal local following. Genesis is also an incredible resource for indoor track runners! While most gyms cap out at 1-2 lanes, a lot of Genesis tracks bump that up to 3 or even 4 lanes, which is practically unheard of. So if you’re blessed to live near one of their 60ish locations across the heartland, definitely give them a look for wide wide-open indoor running room.

  • YMCA:

Ah, the YMCA. You may think of it as a place for kids camps, swim lessons, and pickup basketball. But did you know the neighborhood “Y” sometimes has indoor tracks too? Okay, so they’re not going to have the fancy Olympic surfaces or tons of space to sprint your heart out. But if all you need is a simple, dry 1-2 lanes to walk or jog? The indoor track at the YMCA will get the job done, at a price that reflects the no-frills setup. Don’t expect to be wowed, but do expect a healthy dose of community charm!

  • Local Colleges:

Strapped for cash but still want to run indoors? The struggle is real. But before you resign yourself to the treadmill, check if your local college opens up its athletic facilities to the public! A lot of universities and even high schools have first class indoor tracks that rival private gyms. And since they’re designed for student athletes, you know you’re going to get some serious room to run. The catch is you’ll need to research their public access hours, which may be restricted. But if it works out with your schedule, a college track can be an amazing free or cheap way to run inside!

Finding an Indoor Track Near You

Now that you know which gyms to target in your search, here are some tips for tracking down the right indoor track for you (pun intended):

  • Use the gym locator on the chain’s website to see which locations are near you.
  • Call the specific location to ask if they have an indoor track, what the surface is, how many lanes, etc.
  • Search “[Gym name] + indoor track + [your city]” for relevant info.
  • Ask around! Your runner friends may have already done the leg work.

Ultimately, you may need to physically visit a few different gyms to find an indoor track that meets your needs. And don’t forget to factor in the cost of membership and the proximity to your home/work.

Indoor Track Etiquette & Tips

Once you find your indoor track sweet spot, keep these pointers in mind to make the most of it and be a respectful gym member:

  • Follow the posted direction of travel, which often switches daily.
  • Yield to faster runners and let them pass on the outside.
  • Be mindful of your music volume if wearing headphones.
  • Wipe down your sweat on handrails, benches, etc.
  • Look behind you before entering and exiting the track.
  • Clean your shoes before running on the track surface.
  • Don’t wear spikes or cleats unless expressly allowed.

FAQs about Indoor Running Tracks

Still have questions? I’ve got answers to some common queries:

  • Q: Are indoor tracks better than treadmills?

A: It depends on your preferences, but many people find running on a track to be more comfortable and engaging than a treadmill. You can also practice pacing yourself without buttons.

  • Q: How long is an indoor track?

A: The average indoor track length is around 200 meters or 1/8 of a mile. Some are slightly longer or shorter. You’ll have to check with each gym for specs.

  • Q: Will I get bored running laps on such a short track?

A: It’s a valid concern – doing laps can get repetitive. But you can add variety by incorporating different paces, switching directions, and breaking your run into intervals. Zone out to a music or podcast to make the time go by faster.

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Closing Thoughts:

I hope this guide to gyms with indoor running tracks has been helpful in your search! While it may take some trial and error to find the perfect setup for you, it’s so worth the effort.

An indoor oasis to run and train can keep your cardio game on point through crummy weather, dark mornings/evenings, and days when the treadmill just won’t cut it.

Plus you’ll never have to dodge cars or make your way on snow and ice!

So what are you waiting for? Find a gym with an indoor track near you today and start reaping the benefits. Your running routine will thank you.

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