How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online?

Canceling your HOTWORX gym membership subscription can be done online, but there are specific rules and steps to follow. HOTWORX is an innovative fitness chain offering infrared workout programs.

However, situations arise forcing members to cancel memberships. This guide will outline HOTWORX’s cancellation policy, associated fees, and penalties, steps to cancel online or in-person, freezing/pausing and upgrading memberships, changing payment methods, and commonly asked questions.

Key points to note – HOTWORX requires finishing an initial 12-week term before cancellation. A written 4-week notice must then be provided either via email/mail or in person at your home studio.

Applicable cancellation fees, remaining account balances, and the next billing date must be considered as well during cancellation.

How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online?

How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online

Helpful sections are included detailing the exact steps to cancel online, printable cancellation letter templates, terminating auto-renewal, fees overview, freezing, payment changes, upgrades, FAQs, and final verdict.

Whether needing to cancel temporarily, permanently, or right after signing up, this comprehensive HOTWORX cancellation guide sets you up for success.

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Quick Process to Cancel HOTWORX Membership:

Step 1: Find Your Studio’s Email

Visit and find your studio location. Click on the location to find the specific email address to contact. Alternatively, email to reach the general HOTWORX customer support team.

Step 2: Send Cancellation Email

Send an email to your studio’s email address stating your intent to cancel your HOTWORX membership. Provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Membership number
  • Request to cancel membership
  • The last 4 digits of the card on your membership

Step 3: Allow Processing Time

Allow your studio 15 days to receive, process, and confirm your cancellation request. You will receive a confirmation email once it is processed on their end.

Step 4: Settle Balances

Within the 4-week notice period, log in to your account or contact the studio to settle any remaining fees or account balances. Payment is required for any outstanding dues.

Step 5: Wait Out Notice Period

Continue waiting after submitting your notice for the 4-week cancellation notice period to conclude. Your membership will expire once the notice period is completed.

By following these key steps, you can smoothly navigate the cancellation process. Reach out anytime with questions!

HOTWORX Cancellation Policy

Here are the key rules regarding HOTWORX membership cancellation:

  • Members must complete an initial 12-week period before cancellation.
  • A 4-week written notice is required after the initial period.
  • Any outstanding balances must be paid during the notice period.
  • Immediate cancellation within 12 weeks incurs a $149 fee.
  • Members can freeze their membership once every 3 months for 2-12 weeks.
  • A doctor’s note waives the notice period requirement.
  • Terms may change if written notice is provided.
  • Violating policies may result in termination.

Rules may vary across locations – be sure to check with your specific studio. But advance notice is always mandatory when canceling.

Can You Cancel Your HOTWORX Membership Online?

Yes, you can cancel your HOTWORX membership online by:

  • Sending a cancellation email
  • Delivering written notice by certified mail or in person

However, there is an exception – you can cancel within 3 business days of signing up by notifying the studio before midnight. This allows you to change your mind about the membership within the first few days without penalties.

How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online?

Follow these key steps to cancel your HOTWORX membership:

  • Send Cancellation Notice

Send written cancellation notice via email or certified mail. Alternatively, submit the notice in person at your studio.

  • Allow Processing Time

Give your studio around 15 days to receive, process, and confirm your cancellation request.

  • Settle Outstanding Balances

Pay any remaining membership fees, installments, or account balances during the notice period.

  • Wait out the Notice Period

Continue waiting after you submit your notice. The cancellation takes effect only after the 4-week notice period ends.

You may also cancel without penalties within 3 business days of signing up by notifying your studio before midnight on the 3rd day.

HOTWORX Cancellation Fee

Cancelling before completing the 12-week minimum term incurs a $149 early termination fee. Any outstanding balances must also be paid immediately upon cancellation.

  • Ending Your HOTWORX Auto-Renewal Subscription

HOTWORX memberships are auto-renewed by default. So your studio needs advance notice to cancel the renewal.

To ensure your membership expires on time, submit a written cancellation notice in person at your studio at least 4 weeks before your next billing date. And settle any account balances as well. This properly ends your membership without renewal.

  • Seeking Immediate Cancellation and Fee

You can request to cancel immediately within the initial 90-day period by:

  • Paying an immediate termination fee of $99
  • Submitting the request in person at your studio

But you lose membership access immediately after requesting cancellation. Unless you pay the fee, wait until the 90-day term is completed before submitting your request.

Can You Cancel After Being a Member for Months or a Year?

Yes, you can cancel after being a member for any length of time over the initial 12-week period.

The exact steps are the same:

  • Submit a written notice to your studio
  • Allow the 4-week notice period
  • Settle outstanding balances

As long as you properly complete the notice period, your membership can be canceled after being an active member for months or even years.

  • Transferring Your Membership to Another Location

Unfortunately, HOTWORX does not allow transferring memberships or enrollment/signup fees to other locations.

However, if you have an active membership, you can access other HOTWORX studios by paying a $10 daily fee. So consider traveling or moving before canceling your membership.

  • Pausing/Freezing Your HOTWORX Membership

HOTWORX allows you to freeze or temporarily pause your membership once every 3 months for 2-12 weeks by:

  • Paying $2.50 freeze fee per week
  • Notifying your studio in writing

Freezing for over 12 weeks is permitted with a doctor’s note. But you cannot access any facilities during a freeze, and a $9 weekly fee applies instead.

  • Changing Payment Method

To change payment methods, notify your studio to update your billing details. But be aware there may be a fee involved – contact your location for specifics.

Upgrading Your HOTWORX Membership

Upgrading is easy: contact your studio and pay an additional $10 monthly to access premium membership perks like extra services, facilities, or workout variety.

Key Takeaways: Cancelling HOTWORX Membership

Here are the key takeaways for properly canceling your HOTWORX gym membership:

  • Complete the initial 12-week membership term
  • Submit written cancellation notice via email/mail or in person
  • Allow 4 weeks for the notice period before your membership expires
  • Pay any remaining account balances within the notice period
  • Beware of the $149 early termination fee if canceling within the initial term

FAQs on How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online:

  • Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No refunds are issued when you cancel after the initial 3-day grace period.

  • Can I still work out during the notice period?

Yes, you remain an active member with full gym access during the 4-week notice period after canceling.

  • What happens if I moved away or transferred?

Your membership stays active. Pay a $10 daily fee to access other studios. Or cancel properly by settling fees and allowing the 4-week notice period.

  • How soon before my billing date should I cancel?

Submit your cancellation notice at least 4 weeks before your next scheduled payment date to avoid being charged again.

  • Can I cancel without notice due to medical reasons?

Yes, provide a doctor’s note to cancel without completing the notice period. But settle outstanding dues first.

  • What happens after my membership expires?

Your membership and all associated perks/services expire permanently after the notice period. Re-enrolling signs you up for a brand-new membership.

  • Where do I submit a written cancellation notice?

Send email or certified mail. Or submit the notice in person at the HOTWORX studio location you originally signed up at.

  • What are the freeze time limits?

You can freeze for 2-12 weeks once per 3-month period. Anything longer requires a doctor’s note permitting over 12 weeks.

  • Can I still pay to freeze if I submit a cancellation?

No – you forfeit all membership perks including freezing once cancellation is requested.

  • Do I need to provide any proof to cancel immediately?

Yes, you must show medical documentation from your doctor to qualify for immediate cancellation without penalty fees or the required notice period.



The Final Verdict

The bottom line is that HOTWORX makes you jump through some hoops to properly cancel your gym membership. Make sure to fully complete the 12-week minimum term before submitting cancellation notice.

Allow the entire 4-week notice period to avoid extra charges or penalties. And have payment information handy to settle outstanding balances.

Following this comprehensive guide sets you up for success when the time comes to cancel your HOTWORX membership.

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