La Fitness Holiday Hours 2024 & 2025 – What You Need to Know?

Are you wondering when La Fitness gyms are open during the holidays?

As one of the most popular gym chains in the United States and Canada, it’s important to know their holiday hours.

This will help you plan your workouts around the holidays.

La Fitness Holiday Hours 2024 & 2025

La Fitness Holiday Hours

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about La Fitness holiday hours in 2024 and 2025 and if you want to know LA Fitness Membership cost near you, then do check out.

We’ll look at their schedules for major holidays like:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving

We’ll also share some other helpful information about La Fitness. By the end, you’ll be an expert on their holiday hours!

La Fitness Holiday Hours – Quick Overview

Let’s start with a quick overview of La Fitness’s typical holiday hours:

Holiday Hours
New Year’s Day 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Martin Luther King Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Valentine’s Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Presidents Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
St. Patrick’s Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Good Friday 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Easter Sunday Closed
Memorial Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Independence Day 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Labor Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Columbus Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Halloween 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Veteran’s Day 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thanksgiving Closed
Black Friday 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Christmas Eve 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Christmas Day Closed
New Year’s Eve 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

As you can see, La Fitness is closed on the following holidays:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

On most other holidays, they operate with reduced hours, typically:

  • Opening later than usual (8:00 AM instead of 5:00 AM)
  • Closing earlier than usual (6:00 PM instead of 11:00 PM)

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the major holidays!

La Fitness Christmas Hours 2024

Christmas is one of the few days when all La Fitness locations are closed. This gives their employees a well-deserved chance to spend the holiday with family and friends.

Here are the key things to know about La Fitness’s Christmas hours in 2024:

  • December 24 (Christmas Eve): Open from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (reduced hours)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day): Closed
  • December 26 (Day after Christmas): Normal hours resume (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

So plan! Get your Christmas Eve workout in before they close at 6:00 PM. Then take Christmas Day off. You can get back at it with normal hours on the 26th.

La Fitness New Year’s Hours 2024/2025

New Year’s is another holiday when La Fitness adjusts their hours. They close a bit early on New Year’s Eve and have reduced hours on New Year’s Day.

Here’s the rundown on their New Year’s schedule:

  • December 31, 2024 (New Year’s Eve): 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (reduced hours)
  • January 1, 2025 (New Year’s Day): 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (reduced hours)
  • January 2, 2025: Normal hours resume (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Tip: New Year’s Day can be a great day to go to the gym! With many people sleeping in after a late night, the gym is often emptier than usual.

Take advantage of the extra space and get a jump start on those resolutions!

La Fitness Easter Hours 2024

La Fitness is closed every year on Easter Sunday. However, they have normal hours on the days before and after the holiday.

For 2024, the Easter schedule at La Fitness looks like this:

  • March 30 (Easter Eve): Normal hours (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)
  • March 31 (Easter Sunday): Closed
  • April 1 (Easter Monday): Normal hours resume (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Note: Some La Fitness locations may have slightly different Easter hours. It’s always best to check with your specific gym to confirm their schedule. You can do this through their mobile app or by calling the gym directly.

La Fitness Thanksgiving Hours 2024

Similar to Christmas and Easter, La Fitness closes all locations on Thanksgiving Day. They also have reduced hours the day before Thanksgiving and resume normal hours the day after.

Here’s what to expect for Thanksgiving 2024:

  • November 27 (Day before Thanksgiving): 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (reduced hours)
  • November 28 (Thanksgiving): Closed
  • November 29 (Day after Thanksgiving): Normal hours resume (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Fun fact: The day after Thanksgiving, sometimes called “Black Friday,” is often a very quiet day at the gym. It can be a great time to go if you want a less crowded workout! People are often busy shopping or still in a turkey coma.

Other Things to Know About La Fitness

In addition to their holiday hours, there are a few other key things to know about La Fitness:

  1. Modern facilities: La Fitness prides itself on offering state-of-the-art gyms. You’ll find the latest exercise equipment and thoughtfully designed workout spaces.
  2. Diverse classes: From yoga to cycling to dance fitness, La Fitness offers a wide range of classes for all interests and fitness levels. They have both group classes and personal training options.
  3. Extra amenities: Many La Fitness locations have pool, saunas, basketball courts, juice bars, and more. The exact offerings vary by location.
  4. Flexible memberships: La Fitness offers several membership options to fit different budgets and needs. These range from single club access to multi-state all-club access.
  5. Member discounts: Active members can get discounts on services like personal training, small group training, and more. Your membership can unlock a lot of value.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up, let’s answer some common questions about La Fitness hours and policies!

  • Does La Fitness have a mobile app?

Yes! The La Fitness mobile app allows you to check club hours, class schedules, and more.

  • Can I try La Fitness for free?

Often, yes! Many La Fitness locations offer a free trial pass so prospective members can check out the gym. Trials are usually 3-5 days long. Check with your nearest location to see if they’re currently offering trials.

  • Are La Fitness hours the same at every gym?

In general, most La Fitness locations follow the same schedule. However, there can be slight variations. It’s always best to check your specific location’s hours, especially around the holidays.

  • Does La Fitness offer childcare?

Yes, most La Fitness locations offer a Kids Klub childcare area. For a small fee, members can drop off children for up to 2 hours while working out. The Kids Klub is staffed by CPR-certified attendants.

  • What are La Fitness’s busiest hours?

La Fitness tends to be busiest in the early morning (5:00 AM to 8:00 AM) and in the evening after work (5:00 PM to 8:00 PM). If you prefer a less crowded gym, aim for late mornings, early afternoons, or late evenings.

  • What COVID-19 precautions does La Fitness take?

La Fitness has implemented several COVID-19 safety protocols. These include enhanced cleaning, hand sanitizing stations, face mask requirements, capacity limits, and distanced equipment layouts. The exact protocols may vary by location based on local guidelines.


There you have it – the comprehensive guide to La Fitness hours for 2024 and 2025! As you can see, they have a fairly consistent schedule with a few key changes around major holidays.

The most important things to remember are:

  1. La Fitness is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.
  2. They have reduced hours on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.
  3. It’s always a good idea to check your local gym’s specific hours, especially around holidays.

Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently plan your workout routine all year round! Whether you’re a die-hard morning exerciser or a night owl gym-goer, La Fitness has hours to fit your schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and crush those fitness goals! Just be sure to check the holiday schedule first.

Happy exercising!

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