How to Level Up Your Gym’s Customer Service?


Have you noticed a significant drop in gym membership after New Year’s? Despite all the efforts, over 70% of members lost interest and quit. The root cause is often a lack of customer engagement.


Customer engagement is a major hurdle for gym owners and fitness consultants. It can drain your revenue and harm your reputation over time.

But there’s good news! You can overcome this challenge. There are numerous strategies to boost retention rates and keep your members engaged and satisfied.

How to Level Up Your Gym’s Customer Service?

How to Level Up Your Gym's Customer Service



We will talk about strategies for improving gym customer service.

1. Implement Virtual Training

The rise of digital fitness is no surprise, especially with the advancements in technology and the increasing need for flexibility.

Virtual training offers fitness enthusiasts the convenience to work out whenever it suits them best.

By thinking ahead and adapting to busy schedules and comfort levels with in-person sessions, fitness centers can create a more personalized and accommodating experience for their clients.


2. Bet on Attitude

Your attitude matters. Greeting members with a friendly smile and handling issues with calm patience are vital.

Whether you’re interacting with members on the phone, online, fax, or in person, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial.

If you’re lacking one of the communication methods, fix it. Anticipating a question, you can fax from iPhone app, which will allow you to interact with business clients, which can give a big boost to the number of visitors.

The same is true for other communication channels if you don’t use them or don’t develop them.


A positive attitude enhances the customer experience, leaving them with a favorable impression of your brand and encouraging their return.

3. Invest in Equipment

Waiting over 30 minutes to use a treadmill can drive members away due to other commitments.

To avoid this, invest in the most frequently used equipment. Install tracking systems on each machine to monitor usage rates and identify the most popular ones.

Alternatively, gather this data through online surveys or your gym’s app.


For instance, tracking might reveal that treadmills and squat racks are always occupied, while other machines see little use.

With this information, you can replace underused equipment with more treadmills and squat racks.

Work with your supplier or exchange with another gym to optimize your inventory.

In addition to providing adequate equipment, it’s important to ensure your gym is a comfortable space for members to work out.


A very important aspect of comfort is temperature control. No one wants to exercise in a hot and sweaty environment, which can lead to discomfort and fatigue.

Consider installing a mini split unit to keep your gym cool and comfortable. Mini splits are energy-efficient and can be installed in various areas of your gym, providing precise temperature control.

This can improve your members’ overall experience, encouraging them to stay longer and visit more frequently.

4. Rapid Communication

In today’s fast-paced digital world, excellent communication skills are essential for effective customer service. Responding quickly to customer inquiries is a must.


Speak clearly and reply to messages and calls without delay. Monitoring your social media channels is crucial, as consumers expect nearly instantaneous responses, especially on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Quick responses on social media not only meet customer expectations but also allow you to address complaints privately.

By steering public complaints into direct messages, you can resolve issues more effectively and maintain a positive brand image.

Always be prepared to engage with your audience and turn potential negative situations into opportunities for excellent customer service.


5. Measure Your Users’ Satisfaction

Ensuring your gym members are satisfied is crucial for exceptional customer service.

Regularly gathering and analyzing feedback helps you understand and address their needs effectively.

  • Surveys and Feedback: Create and distribute user-friendly surveys to collect honest opinions. Offer multiple distribution channels, such as email, in-app, or in-person. Regularly review this feedback to identify trends and areas for improvement. Demonstrate that you value their input by implementing changes based on their suggestions.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Utilize the NPS system to gauge how likely members are to recommend your gym. This simple, actionable metric provides a clear picture of overall satisfaction.
  • Analyze Member Data: Leverage the data you have on member attendance, preferences, and behaviors. Understanding these patterns allows you to tailor services to meet their specific needs and expectations.

6. Be Active Online

It’s widely understood that email and phone support aren’t available 24/7.

Most customers stick to regular business hours and realize they might need to wait for a reply outside those times.


However, social media support carries an ‘always-on’ expectation. 42% of consumers anticipate a response within just 60 minutes—a pretty swift turnaround.

Given today’s consumer expectations, promptly responding to reviews, messages, inquiries, and complaints online is crucial for excellent social media customer service.

If your response times are consistently poor, it could lead to members sharing their negative experiences with friends and family, visiting your gym less frequently, or even voicing their complaints publicly on your social media channels.

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In a crowded fitness industry, exceptional customer service is your gym’s key differentiator.

To retain members and build brand loyalty, an effective customer service strategy is paramount.

Every team member, from front desk staff to fitness instructors, plays a crucial role in delivering this service.


However, it is the gym owner who sets the standard and expectations for outstanding customer service.

When members feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to return and renew their memberships.

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