Body & Brain Yoga Membership Cost 2024

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi is a unique holistic wellness program that blends ancient yoga, meditation, tai chi, and other traditional Korean energy practices. The goal is to achieve harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

Founded in 1985 by Ilchi Lee, Body & Brain incorporates the concept of “Brain Education” which is focused on enhancing the connection between the brain and body through integrated physical and mental exercises.

Body & Brain Yoga Membership Cost 2024

Body & Brain Yoga Membership Cost

With over 100 locations across the US, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi centers offer a variety of classes and membership options. This article will provide an in-depth look at:

  • Body & Brain Yoga class prices
  • Membership costs
  • Available classes
  • Key benefits
  • Comparisons to tai chi
  • Center locations, hours, and reviews
  • Franchise opportunities

So if you’re interested in experiencing this unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices for better health and wellbeing, read on for details on Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi pricing.

Body & Brain Yoga Prices 2024

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi offers flexible membership options to suit different needs and budgets:

Introductory Session

  • Price: $29
  • Format: In-studio or online
  • Includes:
    • Stress level assessment
    • Evaluation of flexibility, balance, and focus
    • Guidance on overcoming mental/emotional barriers
    • Personalized energy program

1 Group Class + Intro Session

  • Price: $49
  • Format: In-studio or online
  • Includes:
    • Everything in the Intro Session
    • 1 group class

Unlimited Online Trial Month

  • Price: $99
  • For: Online classes only
  • Details: Unlimited access for 1 month, no renewal, for new clients only

These introductory offers allow you to experience Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi before committing to an ongoing membership.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Membership Cost 2024

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Membership Cost

For those looking for regular access, Body & Brain offers the following class packages and monthly memberships:

Body & Brain Yoga Membership Cost 2024

Package Price
10 Classes (3 months) $200
20 Classes (6 months) $350
1 Month Online $99
1 Month In-Studio $180
3 Months $480
6 Months $840
1 Year $1,440

Prices may vary by location, check with your local center for details

The membership plans allow unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes, with options for online-only or in-studio participation.

Longer commitments (3 months+) provide the best value if you plan to attend classes consistently. Members get discounts on workshops and other special events too.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Method & Benefits:

The Body & Brain system takes an integrated approach to wellness, blending physical activity, breathing techniques, and meditation.

Key components include:

  • Yoga: Builds strength, flexibility, balance
  • Tai chi: Promotes energy flow, balance, coordination
  • Meditation: Develops mental clarity, reduces stress
  • Breathwork: Stimulates energy pathways

Benefits of regular practice include:

  • ✅ Improved physical fitness
  • ✅ Stress relief
  • ✅ Better mental focus
  • ✅ Increased energy
  • ✅ Overall sense of wellbeing

The combination of gentle physical activity with energy and mindfulness practices makes Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi an appealing option for those seeking a holistic mind-body experience.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Classes:

A typical Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi center offers a range of class types, including:

Basic Yoga

  • Foundational poses to build strength, flexibility, balance
  • Traditional yoga combined with energy meditation
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

Tai Chi and Qigong

  • Graceful, flowing movements derived from Tai Chi
  • Promotes stress relief through energy flow
  • Includes healing practices like DahnMuDo


  • Any level, mix of sitting, movement, visualization
  • Develops inner peace, energy awareness


  • Uses breath patterns to circulate energy
  • Boosts vitality and inner power

Private Sessions

  • 50-minute personalized guidance, assessment, practice
  • Customized for individual goals
  • Available for $29

Class schedules vary by location, so check with your local studio. Online classes provide additional flexibility.

Body & Brain Yoga vs. Tai Chi: Differences & How to Choose?

So which practice from Body and Brain is right for you? Here’s a quick comparison:

Body & Brain Yoga

  • Emphasizes yoga poses and postures
  • Builds physical strength and flexibility
  • Incorporates some meditation and energy work

Best for: Improving core fitness; gentle strength training

Tai Chi and Qigong

  • Focuses on fluid “dancing” movements
  • Promotes balance and internal energy flow
  • The calming, stress-reducing effect

Best for: Overall stress relief and peace of mind

How to Choose?

  • If physical fitness is your priority, pick Body & Brain Yoga
  • For more mindful, low-impact movement, select Tai Chi
  • Try both! Many locations offer mixed classes too

Every Body & Brain studio has knowledgeable instructors who can suggest the most suitable practices to meet your personal health and wellness goals.

Body & Brain (Yoga Tai Chi) Open Hours & Locations

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi centers provide accessible class times with a standard schedule of:

  • Weekdays: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sundays: Closed

With over 100 locations across the US, you can likely find a studio near you. Use the center locator tool to find one in your state or city.

Can’t get to a studio? Online class options allow you to participate remotely. This increases the accessibility for those who travel or want added flexibility.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Reviews 2024

Across various locations, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi earns largely positive reviews for its holistic approach and transformative impact.

Some examples:

Bay Ridge Studio

“I cannot begin to explain the personal transformation that has resulted from my time here…My anxiety has plummeted, my overall health has increased exponentially.”

Forest Hills Center

“The instructors are inspirational. I walk away from each class feeling mentally clearer, energized, and relaxed.” (4.4 stars)

Manhattan Location

“Every class allows me to go deeper within myself. I’m calmer, healthier and more connected.” (4.2 stars)

Ridgefield Center

“I had a deep personal awakening here that allowed me to overcome physical problems doctors couldn’t cure.”

The warm, welcoming environment and focus on total mind-body wellness resonates with those looking to improve their health in body, mind, and spirit.

Body & Brain (Yoga Tai Chi) Franchise Cost

Interested in bringing a Body & Brain franchise to your area? The estimated investment ranges from $56k – $130k depending on size and location.

Initial requirements:

  • Minimum liquid capital: $1,000
  • One-time franchise fee: $10,000

As a franchise owner, you’ll receive extensive training plus ongoing marketing and operations support – allowing you to focus on serving members rather than running the business.

More Yoga Studio Near You:

Conclusion – Body & Brain Yoga Membership Cost 2024:

For those seeking an integrated mind-body fitness experience, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi offers an appealing mix of yoga, meditation, tai chi, and energy arts.

Membership options include:

  • ✅ Single classes @ $29+
  • ✅ Unlimited online trial month @ $99
  • ✅ Multiple class packs and memberships

This allows each person to find the right commitment level to meet their goals and budget.

With over 100 locations across the US, supportive instructors, and a holistic curriculum designed for total mind-body wellness, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi attracts growing interest. Classes blend ancient practices with contemporary science for better health from the inside out.

Check this unique fitness program out today!

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