Snap Fitness Prices UK + Membership Cost 2024

As a new Snap Fitness gym member, I wanted to give an inside look at what to expect when signing up and the ongoing costs of membership. I know affordable gym access can be hard to find, so I’m sharing details to help other readers weigh Snap Fitness’s pros and cons.

First, a little background. I used to pay almost double at my previous big-name gym, so Snap’s $40 individual rate attracted me. The convenient 24/7 concept since I work irregular hours plus the ability to use any location were big pluses too. However, that advertised monthly fee isn’t the full story.

While I’m mostly satisfied after a month, my actual first month cost with the initiation, access card, and annual fees was around $140, not $40. And there are contamination clauses that allow additional fees. Knowing costs and cancellation policies upfront would have let me budget better instead of getting hit hard in year one.

Now don’t get me wrong – for the gym equipment, classes, staff support, and flexibility I need, the value is there for me long-term. But as a new member sharing my experience, I’d recommend asking about any fees BEYOND the $39.95 monthly rate quoted in ads when you first visit. Hopefully, my insider pricing knowledge helps set proper member payment expectations!

Snap Fitness Prices UK + Membership Cost 2024

Snap Fitness Prices

Snap Fitness Prices UK + Membership Cost 2024

Snap Fitness does not have standardized pricing, so monthly dues can vary slightly between individual clubs. However, below is a table with average pricing across most Snap Fitness locations in the United States:

Individual Membership

  • Monthly Fee: $39.95
  • Initiation Fee: $44.95
  • Access Card Fee: $20

Couple Membership

  • Monthly Fee for 2: $54.95
  • Initiation Fee: $44.95
  • Access Card Fee: $20 per person

Family Membership (2 adults + kids)

  • Monthly Fee for Family: $64.95
  • Initiation Fee: $44.95
  • Access Card Fee: $20 per adult

Other Potential Fees

  • Annual Fee: $35
  • Early Cancellation Fee: $25
  • Declined Payment Fine: $20

How Much Does Snap Fitness Cost?

Membership Type Monthly Fee Initiation Fee Access Card Fee
Individual $39.95 $44.95 $20
Couple $54.95 $44.95 $20 per person
Family (2 adults + kids) $64.95 $44.95 $20 per adult

Other potential fees:

  • Annual Fee: $35
  • Early Cancellation Fee: $25
  • Declined Payment Fine: $20

The average monthly cost for an individual Snap Fitness membership is $39.95. However, you’ll also have to pay a one-time $44.95 initiation fee when signing up, plus a mandatory $20 access card fee. This puts the initial startup cost at approximately $105 for your first month.

Couples can save around $5-15 per month with a joint membership at $54.95 monthly. And families with kids can expect to pay $64.95 on average each month.

Snap Fitness Monthly Cost

The baseline Snap Fitness monthly cost is $39.95 for an individual membership. Couples pay an average of $54.95 per month while families can expect monthly charges of around $64.95.

Snap Fitness 2 Person Membership Price

A Snap Fitness membership for two people costs approximately $54.95 per month. Additional charges will include:

  • Initiation fee: $44.95
  • Access card fee: $20 per person

So two people joining Snap Fitness can expect to pay around $140 for the first month, then $55 monthly after that.

Snap Fitness Family Membership Cost

On average, a Snap Fitness family membership for two adults and kids costs around $64.95 per month. Like other memberships, you’ll pay signup fees including:

  • Initiation fee: $44.95
  • Access card fee: $20 per adult member

With two adult members, a family can expect to pay around $165 initial fees, followed by $65 monthly. Kids may also incur additional access card charges.

How Much is the Snap Fitness Initiation Fee?

Snap Fitness typically charges a $44.95 initiation fee when you first sign up. This one-time startup cost covers processing your membership.

Some locations offer discounted initiation fees or waive this charge completely during promotional periods. But the standard Snap Fitness signup fee is $44.95 for your first month.

Does Snap Fitness Have an Annual Fee?

Yes, most Snap Fitness gyms charge an annual enhancement fee of around $35. This yearly charge helps fund upgrades to equipment, maintenance, facility improvements, and more.

Is Snap Fitness Month-to-Month?

Snap Fitness primarily sells term contract memberships that auto-renew after the initial term. However, some locations do offer flexible month-to-month memberships without a long-term commitment.

Contact your local Snap Fitness to ask about paying month-to-month versus signing a one-year or other fixed-term contract. A month-to-month membership offers more freedom to cancel anytime.

Snap Fitness Deals & Discounts

Watch for Snap Fitness promotions and sales to save on membership costs. Special deals they offer periodically include:

  • Waived initiation fees
  • Reduced monthly rates
  • Online coupons for $20 or $100+ off
  • Referral rewards

Social media and checking directly with your nearby gym can help you find current Snap Fitness deals. Franchise locations may also offer location-specific promos.

Can I Use My Snap Fitness Membership Anywhere?

One of the biggest benefits of Snap Fitness is having access to thousands of locations worldwide. So yes, your home gym membership allows you to visit and workout at any Snap Fitness.

Guest policies and special hours may vary between Snap Fitness clubs. But your membership scans universally for gym entry 24/7.

Can I Freeze My Snap Fitness Membership?

Snap Fitness does allow members to temporarily freeze accounts for up to 90 days per year. Freezing pauses your monthly fees until the membership reactivates.

To freeze, submit a written cancellation notice 5+ days in advance. Reactivating also requires written notice 5+ days before the next billing cycle. A processing fee may apply.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Snap Fitness?

If you have a term contract with Snap Fitness, expect a $25 early cancellation fee for ending your membership before your term is completed. There is no cancellation fee for month-to-month agreements.

You must also submit a written notice to cancel in person or via certified mail. Snap Fitness does not accept membership cancellations over the phone, email, or through the website.

Is It Hard to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership?

Canceling the auto-renew on a Snap Fitness membership takes some extra effort since it requires written notice directly to your home gym. However, as long as you know the cancellation policies, ending a Snap Fitness contract isn’t necessarily difficult.

Will Snap Fitness Provide Refunds?

Snap Fitness offers conditional refunds during an initial 30-day trial period after you sign up. To qualify for a refund, you must:

  • Attend at least 8 gym visits (2 per week)
  • Get a physical exam at the gym
  • Explain reasons for dissatisfaction in writing

If approved, Snap Fitness will refund your prorated monthly dues and fees, less the initiation and annual fees. Refunds beyond the 30 days are evaluated case-by-case.

5 Top Snap Fitness Competitor Gyms in the UK 2024

For Brits considering alternatives, here are 5 of the top Snap Fitness competitor gyms available across the United Kingdom:

  1. PureGym – With over 300 locations at budget membership rates, PureGym leads the UK fitness industry. Open 24/7.
  2. The Gym Group – Low-cost access starting around £20 monthly across 200+ gyms countrywide. Also open 24 hours.
  3. Better Gym – Affordable locally-owned fitness clubs with 70+ welcoming locations across Britain.
  4. Anytime Fitness – UK franchise with 350+ gyms globally. Open 24/7 with pricing close to Snap Fitness.
  5. Fitspace – Newer UK budget gym chain with premium equipment and classes. 10+ locations so far.

FAQs About Snap Fitness Pricing & Memberships

  1. How much are the monthly charges?

For individuals, around $39.95 on average. Couples pay $54.95/month while families see charges of approximately $64.95 monthly.

  1. What are sign-up fees?

Expect a $44.95 initiation fee and a $20 access card fee per member when you first join Snap Fitness.

  1. Can I pay month-to-month?

Snap typically requires term contracts but some locations may offer flexible month-to-month payment options. Check with your local gym.

  1. How do I get discounts?

Watch for periodic promotional offers like waived fees or reduced rates. Checking social media and asking gyms directly about specials can help.

  1. Can kids join Snap Fitness?

Yes, kids can be included in a family membership option for $64.95 monthly. Access card fees may apply. Check specific age policies with your location.

  1. Are annual fees required?

Most clubs charge an additional $35 annual enhancement fee to help cover upgrades and maintenance.

  1. What if my payment declines?

A $20 declined payment fee may apply if billing fails due to outdated payment information on file or insufficient account funds.

  1. How far in advance should I freeze my membership?

Submit a written request to temporarily freeze your account at least 5 days before your next billing date.

  1. Can I cancel by phone?

No, cancellation requires written notice directly to your home gym location. Snap Fitness does not accept membership cancellations by phone, email, or online.

  1. Under what conditions can I get a refund?

Attend at least 8 visits within 30 days and get an in-gym physical exam. You must explain your reasons for dissatisfaction in writing to potentially obtain a conditional refund.

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With flexible membership options for individuals, couples, and families, Snap Fitness provides 24/7 gym access at reasonable monthly rates starting around $40. Convenient features like thousands of locations, guest privileges, and the ability to freeze accounts also appeal to members.

Be sure to consider all signup fees, annual charges, payment policies, cancellation rules, and other fine print when budgeting for a Snap Fitness membership. But take advantage of discounts and promotions when available to help ease the costs.

With a little research, you can determine if the total expenses of joining your local Snap Fitness make sense for your fitness goals and budget needs.

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