Does 24 Hour Fitness have a Sauna?

24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the United States, with over 300 locations across the country.

Many people wonder – does 24 Hour Fitness have saunas?

Does 24 Hour Fitness have a Sauna?

Does 24 Hour Fitness have a Sauna

The answer is yes! Most 24 Hour Fitness gyms do have saunas available for members to use and this is why, 24 hour fitness comes under gyms with saunas list.

About Saunas at 24 Hour Fitness

  • 24 Hour Fitness includes saunas as an amenity at 88% of their gyms – that’s 250 locations with saunas out of 283 total gyms.
  • Saunas are included with all membership levels at 24 Hour Fitness – Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
  • The saunas are free to use for all members.
  • They have both traditional saunas and infrared saunas at various locations.
  • Traditional saunas are set between 150-175°F generally.
  • Infrared saunas run slightly cooler, usually 120-140°F.
  • The saunas help members warm up before or relax after workouts.

Saunas are a popular amenity that 24 Hour Fitness offers at most of their gym locations across the country. They provide the many health and relaxation benefits of sauna use for members as part of their gym experience.

Which 24 Hour Fitness Gyms Have Saunas?

The majority of 24 Hour Fitness gyms include saunas in their amenities.

Here are some key facts:

  • 250 of 283 total 24 Hour Fitness gyms have saunas – that’s 88%.
  • Many gyms in Northern and Southern California have saunas.
  • Several gyms in states like Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii also have saunas.
  • Both large, Super Sport gyms and smaller Active gyms often include saunas.
  • New gym locations built in recent years have all included saunas.

Saunas are especially common at 24 Hour Fitness gyms located on the West Coast – California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. But they also appear at many gyms across the rest of the country. Even smaller footprint gyms offer saunas as a standard amenity.

How Hot Are the Saunas at 24 Hour Fitness?

The exact sauna temperatures can vary from one location to another at 24 Hour Fitness. However, here are some typical sauna temperature ranges:

  • Traditional saunas: 150°F – 175°F
  • Infrared saunas: 120°F – 140°F

The traditional saunas tend to be hotter, with more humidity, compared to infrared saunas. But both provide excellent health benefits, detoxification, and muscle relaxation.

Contact your local 24 Hour Fitness gym to find out their specific sauna temperature settings. Expect the traditional saunas to be the hottest.

What Kind of Saunas Does 24 Hour Fitness Have?

24 Hour Fitness offers both traditional and infrared saunas at their gym locations:

  • Traditional saunas – heat up to 175°F, higher humidity, most common type at 24 Hour Fitness gyms
  • Infrared saunas – use infrared light to heat up to 140°F, lower humidity

Benefits of traditional saunas:

  • Reach higher temperatures
  • Heat from humid air opens pores and increases sweating
  • Provides a more social experience, able to fit more people

Benefits of infrared saunas:

  • Lower temperatures, less humidity
  • Infrared light penetrates the skin to heal from the inside
  • Typically only fit 1-2 people

Both sauna types offer excellent health and relaxation perks. Contact your gym to see if they have traditional, infrared, or both kinds of saunas available.

Are the Saunas Free at 24 Hour Fitness?

Yes, the saunas at 24 Hour Fitness gyms are free to use for members. There are no extra fees or charges to access the saunas, regardless of your membership level.

  • All memberships (Platinum, Gold, Silver) can use the saunas.
  • No appointments or signups needed – just show up and enjoy.
  • Saunas are included standard amenity with membership.
  • Get the benefits without any additional cost.

So take advantage of the free saunas to improve your workouts and relaxation without added expenses as part of your 24 Hour Fitness membership.

Are There Separate Saunas for Men and Women?

Some 24 Hour Fitness gyms provide separate saunas for men and women, while others have shared saunas. Here are the different setups:

  • Separate men’s and women’s saunas in locker room areas.
  • Shared, co-ed saunas open to both genders.
  • Family-friendly saunas in pool areas, open to all.
  • Contact your local gym for their specific sauna setup.

The 24 Hour Fitness sauna policies can vary from one location to the next. Some offer separate men’s and women’s saunas for privacy. Others have shared saunas next to pools for convenience. Call ahead to confirm the sauna arrangements at your gym.

What to Wear in the Sauna at 24 Hour Fitness?

24 Hour Fitness does not have a specific dress code for using their saunas, but following general sauna attire guidelines is recommended:

  • Wear lightweight, breathable fabrics that absorb sweat
    • Fitness clothes like shorts, tanks, tees
    • Swimsuits, towels
    • Avoid jeans, coats, heavy garments
  • Bring extra towels
  • Shower before and after sauna use
  • Wear shower sandals/flip-flops
Other sauna tips:
  • Stay hydrated – bring water to rehydrate
  • Use a towel between your skin and the sauna benches
  • Start with short 5-10 min sessions to acclimate
  • Cool off with a shower and relax between sessions

Prepare for sweat, moisture, and heat in the sauna. Wearing absorbent, quick-drying clothes designed for workouts or swimming will keep you most comfortable.


In summary, 24 Hour Fitness provides saunas as an amenity at most of their 300+ gym locations across the country.

Saunas are included at no extra charge with all membership levels. They offer both traditional and infrared saunas set at varying temperatures.

Policies on separate or co-ed saunas differ between locations. Be sure to stay hydrated and wear moisture-wicking workout clothes to fully enjoy the many benefits of saunas for health, relaxation, and recovery after your gym sessions.

Check with your local 24 Hour Fitness gym to experience the sauna experience first-hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about 24 Hour Fitness Saunas

  • Q: Which 24 Hour Fitness gyms have saunas?

A: 88% of 24 Hour Fitness gyms (250 out of 283 locations) have saunas. They are especially common at gyms in CA, WA, OR, HI.

  • Q: What temperatures are the saunas?

A: Traditional saunas range from 150-175°F. Infrared saunas run 120-140°F usually.

  • Q: Do I have to pay extra to use the sauna?

A: No, saunas are included free with all membership levels at 24 Hour Fitness.

  • Q: Are the saunas co-ed or separate for men/women?

A: It varies – some locations have separate men’s & women’s saunas. Others have shared, co-ed saunas.

  • Q: What should I wear in the 24 Hour Fitness sauna?

A: Lightweight, breathable workout clothes that absorb sweat well. Avoid heavy garments.

  • Q: Can I go to the sauna after my workout?

A: Yes, saunas help relax sore muscles and are great for recovery after workouts.

  • Q: Do I have to shower before using the sauna?

A: Showering before and after sauna use is highly recommended.

  • Q: How long should I stay in the sauna?

A: Start with short 5-10 minute sessions, then cool off before going back in. Don’t overdo it.

  • Q: Which is better, traditional or infrared saunas?

A: Both have excellent benefits – traditional saunas use heat/humidity, and infrared uses light. Try each!

  • Q: Do all 24 Hour Fitness gyms have saunas?

A: No, about 12% of locations don’t have saunas. Contact your local gym to check.

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