EOS Membership Prices 2024 + EOS Gym Offers Included

EOS Fitness is an expanding gym chain owned by Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. EOS stands for “Equal Opportunity Sport”, emphasizing the gym’s mission to be a fitness sanctuary for everyone.

EOS gyms are open 24/7, allowing members to work out whenever it suits their schedule. They offer state-of-the-art equipment, a wide selection of free weights, group fitness classes, and luxury amenities like saunas and pools at certain locations.

EOS Membership Prices 2024

EOS Membership Prices

EOS Fitness Prices 2024

Here is an overview of EOS Fitness pricing:

  • They offer three main membership tiers – Basic, Mid-tier, and Premium
  • Price ranges from $9.99/month to $19.99/month depending on location and tier
  • There is also a mandatory $49.99 annual membership fee

Single Class/Drop-In Price

  • Pay $10-20 per visit without membership
  • Price varies by location

EOS Fitness Membership Cost 2024

EOS has three membership levels:

  • Basic – Access to gym equipment
    • Starts at $9.99/month
  • Mid-Tier (Blue/Platinum) – Access to classes and some amenities
    • Starts at $15.99/month
  • Premium (Black/Platinum+) – Access to all amenities
    • Starts at $19.99/month

All members pay a $49.99 annual fee.

EOS Blue vs. Black Membership 2024

Blue Membership Black Membership
Price Starts at $15.99/month Starts at $19.99/month
Benefits ✔ Group fitness classes <br> ✔ Limited amenities <br> ✔ Guest passes ✔ Full access to all amenities <br> ✔ Saunas/pools <br> ✔ Unlimited guest passes

*Prices and amenities can vary by location

Additional Services & Special Offers Prices

  • Training Services – $10-20 per session, cheaper with package deals
  • Spa Services – $10-20 per visit, may be included with Premium membership
  • Personal Training – $50-100 per session based on experience and length
  • Childcare – $5-10 per child per visit, discounted monthly passes available
  • Special Offers like seasonal promotions and referral rewards

Day Pass, Guest Pass Prices, and Free Pass

  • Day Pass – $10-20 for one-day access
  • Guest Passes – Included with certain membership tiers
  • Free Passes – Limited-time promotions offering free access

EOS Fitness Prices List 2024

Item Prices Note
Membership Options:
Basic Plan $9.99/month Basic gym access
Mid-Tier (Blue/Platinum) $15.99/month Group classes, some amenities
Premium (Black/Platinum+) $19.99/month Full access to amenities
Annual Fee $49.99/year Billed monthly after joining
Additional Services:
Training Services $10-20 per session Price varies by package
Spa Services $10-20 per visit May be included with Premium membership
Personal Training $50-100 per session Varies by length and trainer experience
Childcare Services $5-10 per visit Per child, monthly passes available
Special Offers:
Day Pass $10-20 Single-day access
Guest Passes Varies Included with some membership tiers
Free Pass Promotions Free Limited-time offers

EOS Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gym Brands

Here’s how EOS Fitness compares on pricing to other popular gyms:

EOS Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness

  • EOS starts at $9.99/month, 24 Hour Fitness at $30-40/month
  • 24-Hour Fitness offers more amenities so may justify the higher price

EOS Fitness vs. LA Fitness

  • LA Fitness runs $30-35/month, more expensive than EOS basic membership
  • LA Fitness has courts and sports amenities that some may value more

EOS Fitness vs. VASA Fitness

  • VASA also starts at $9.99/month, very similar to EOS
  • VASA tends to offer specialty training zones like boxing rings

EOS Fitness vs. Crunch Fitness

  • Crunch starts at $10/month, comparable to EOS
  • Crunch includes specialty classes like Zumba and yoga in basic membership

EOS Fitness vs. Esporta Fitness

  • Esporta runs $29.99+/month, pricier than EOS
  • Esporta focuses on luxury amenities justifying higher costs for some

EOS Fitness vs. Anytime Fitness

  • Anytime Fitness runs $35-50+/month, on higher-end
  • Anytime offers more personalized settings some may prefer

EOS Fitness vs. LVAC

  • LVAC starts at $20-25/month
  • LVAC has enormous Vegas facilities that justify the cost for some

EOS Fitness vs. Mountainside Fitness

  • Mountainside runs $40-50+/month, also on pricier side
  • Mountainside provides higher-end amenities and family focus

Can You Bring the Same Guest to EOS Fitness?

If your membership includes guest passes:

  • You can likely bring the same guest multiple times
  • But there may be limits, like the number of visits per month
  • Some locations restrict guests to the same household

Check with your specific EOS gym for their latest guest policies.

Can You Pause Your EOS Membership & How to Freeze?

Yes, you can temporarily freeze (pause) your EOS membership if you contact your home gym.

  • A small $5 monthly freeze fee applies.
  • Freeze duration varies, from weeks to months.
  • Any annual fees will still be billed as scheduled.
  • Must contact the gym to initiate a freeze.
  • May require paperwork and/or documentation.

Freeze policy details can vary by location. Check with your EOS gym for specifics.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Use EOS Fitness?

  • Must be 18+ to sign up independently
  • Ages 13-17 can join with parent/guardian co-signer
  • Under 13 generally cannot use gym facilities

Check with your EOS location for their latest age policies.

What Workouts and Service Options Does EOS Fitness Provide?

EOS Fitness gyms offer:

  • Cardio options – treadmills, bikes, etc.
  • Strength training – free weights, weight machines
  • Group fitness classes – HIIT, yoga, spin, Zumba, etc.
  • Some locations have specialty areas like:
    • Boxing rings
    • Hot yoga rooms
    • Swimming pools
  • Personal training available for an added fee
  • Other amenities like saunas, steam rooms, and childcare

Offerings vary by location – check with your gym.

How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership & Fee?

To cancel your EOS Fitness membership:

  • 30-day written notice is typically required
  • Cancellation fee may apply, usually $15
  • Membership terms impact the exact cancellation process/charges
  • Generally must be done online/in writing, not by phone

To cancel online:

  1. Go to EOS Fitness Contact Us page
  2. Enter your gym location, agreement number
  3. Select “Cancel My Membership” under the “My Membership” menu
  4. Choose your cancellation reason

Have membership details ready before calling the gym to cancel.

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Conclusion: How Much Does EOS Fitness Cost?

EOS Fitness offers something for all budgets and interests with pricing starting at $9.99 per month. Consider membership tier and amenities access along with pricing when choosing EOS vs competitor gyms.

And don’t forget the $49.99 mandatory annual membership fee on top of monthly rates. If a premium, full-amenity gym experience is your style, be prepared for membership rates at the higher end.

We covered the key costs and services offered across EOS locations. But check with your local gym for specifics on pricing, amenities, age policies, and more as offerings can vary.

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