Equinox Gym Prices + Membership Cost 2024

Equinox is widely regarded as one of the premier fitness brands, offering a luxury gym experience coupled with comprehensive wellness services.

With sleek, upscale facilities, top-notch equipment, boutique-style group fitness classes, personal training, spa services, and more, Equinox caters to those seeking a high-end fitness journey.

However, this premium experience comes at a price – Equinox memberships do not come cheap, with costs at the higher end compared to average gyms.

Equinox Gym Prices + Membership Cost 2024

Equinox Gym Prices

In this extensive guide, we simplify Equinox’s complete fee structure to provide clarity on membership costs, additional service pricing, and how it compares with other popular gym chains.

Key Takeaways:

  • Equinox operates 100+ luxury fitness centers globally, most concentrated across major US cities.
  • Known for its upmarket ambiance, amenities, and fitness offerings.
  • Membership monthly fees typically range from $150 to $300+.
  • Offers services like personal training, spa, pilates, and kids club for extra fees.
  • Significantly pricier than budget/mainstream gyms but matches luxury positioning.

Equinox Gym Prices 2024

As a high-end fitness brand, Equinox commands premium pricing for its memberships and services:

  • Initiation Fee – $100 to $500
  • Monthly Fee
    • Single Club Access – $150 to $250
    • Multi-Club Access – $230 to $400+
  • Annual Contract – $1800 to $3000+

There are also special tiers like family plans, student/senior rates, and corporate packages with customized pricing.

So generally, you can expect to spend:

  • Individual membership – $150 to $300 per month
  • Couples membership -$250 to $500 per month

Besides regular gym access, Equinox offers add-on services and amenities for additional fees:

  • Personal training – $60 to $150 per session
  • Spa services – $50 to $200 per service
  • Specialty group classes – $30 to $100 per class
  • Kids club – $50+ per day

Next, we analyze some sample Equinox membership costs and options in more detail.

A Closer Look at Membership Costs

Equinox memberships primarily differ based on the level of access and commitment period:

1. Standard Memberships

  • Single Club Access
    • $165 to $250 monthly fee
    • 5% – 10% off with annual contract
    • Add-on fees for extra services/classes
  • Multi-Club Access
    • Access to all nationwide Equinox clubs
    • $230 to $400+ monthly fee
    • 7% – 15% savings with annual contract
  • All-Access
    • Includes related brands – SoulCycle, Precision Run, etc.
    • $300 to $500+ monthly fee
    • Top-tier membership status
    • Maximum discounts (15% to 20%) with annual contract

2. Contract Options

  • Monthly (No Commitment):
    • Pay month to month with no long term lock-in
    • Convenient but no savings
  • Annual Contract:
    • 12 month commitment
    • 5% to 20% off monthly fees
    • Early termination fees may apply

3. Special Tiers

  • Corporate Membership
    • 15% to 30% discount through employer tie-up
    • Customized business rates
  • Student & Seniors
    • Verified students and seniors (65+) eligible
    • Up to 25% off standard pricing
    • Discounted add-on service rates

So in a nutshell, location, membership tier, contract term, add-ons, and special status all impact the final pricing at Equinox.

Single Class / Drop-In Prices

Don’t want to commit to a full gym membership? Equinox offers single-class passes and day access options:

  • Single Fitness Class Drop-in – $25 to $50
  • Spa Service Single Session – $60 to $250
  • Club Day/Guest Pass – $50 per day

Pricing varies based on specific class/service and location.

Equinox Gym Membership Cost 2024

Equinox memberships cater to varying individual needs and preferences:

Membership Type Monthly Fee Range Annual Fee Key Notes
Single Club Access $150 – $250 $50 – $150 For solo gym goers
Multi-Club Access $230 – $400 $100 – $150 Nationwide + outside locales
All Access $300 – $500+ $150 – $250 Includes other auxiliary brands
Family Add-on +$100 per user NA Spouse, dependents
Seniors (65+) $100 – $200 NA Must show ID proof
Students $100 – $200 NA Must show valid college ID
Corporate Tie-up $100 – $300 NA Rates based on company partnership
Initiation fee $100 – $500 Mandatory one-time Waived occasionally
  • Additional services/classes attract separate charges
  • Special promotions may lower costs for limited periods
  • Taxes apply as per state laws

As evident, Equinox caters to varying needs via tailored plans – from families to students to professionals. Corporate tie-ups offer exclusive discounted rates.

Pricing for Additional Services

Aside from regular workouts, Equinox offers specialized wellness services for extra fees:

  • Personal Training
    • Certified trainers provide customized fitness plans
    • 1-on-1 Sessions – $60 to $150 per hour
    • Small Group Training – $30 to $80 per person
  • Pilates & Yoga
    • Specialized group classes and private sessions
    • $30 to $100 per hour
  • Spa Services
    • Massages, Body Treatments, Facials, etc.
    • $50 to $250 per service
  • Wave Spa Memberships
    • Discount on spa services with an upfront fee
    • $100 to $250 per month
  • Kids Club
    • Childcare for kids 6 months to 12 years
    • $50+ per day

So Equinox provides extensive services to complement your workout regime, albeit for added fees. Special Wave Spa memberships offer savings if you are a frequent user.

Guest Passes & Day Rates

For those wanting to sample Equinox before committing:

  • Club Day or Guest Pass – $35 to $75
  • Access gym and most amenities for a day
  • The request passes online or at the club reception
  • Digital Fitness Day Pass – $15 to $25
  • Sample On-Demand class library
  • Mobile app access for 24 hours

While limited compared to full memberships, day passes allow prospective members to experience Equinox first-hand.

Equinox Gym Prices Comparison with Other GYM Centers:

We evaluate how Equinox membership rates stack up against other popular national gym chains in the US:

Gym Brand Monthly Fee Range Avg. Annual Fee Key Notes
Equinox $150 – $300 $100+ Luxury experience, multi-service
LA Fitness $30 – $50 $29.99+ Mainstream, high-value
24 Hour Fitness $30 – $50 $60+ Mid-range, open 24/7
Anytime Fitness $45 – $55 $58+ Budget, round-the-clock access
Planet Fitness $10 – $22.99 $39+ Barebones, ultra-budget

In conclusion:

  • Equinox pricing aligned with luxury positioning.
  • Significantly above budget & mainstream gyms.
  • Lower than high-end/boutique fitness studios.
  • Competitively priced for a multi-service model.

So while higher than average gyms, Equinox’s premium pricing matches its top-tier positioning and offering.

Next, we explore methods to lower membership costs.

Getting Equinox Membership Discounts

While base rates are largely fixed, some tactics can help score discounts:

1. Sign Yearly Contract

  • Annual term lock rates
  • 5% to 20% off monthly fees

2. Corporate Tie-ups

  • Exclusive 15% to 30% discount
  • Check your company’s HR benefits

3. Off-Peak Access Membership

  • 10% to 15% off for visits post 8 pm
  • Limited peak-hour access

4. Student & Senior Status

  • Verified students and seniors eligible
  • 10% to 25% off pricing

5. Wait For Promotions

  • Occasional holiday offers
  • Temporarily waived initiation fees

So while Equinox positions itself firmly in the premium segment, some members can avail of discounts through the above avenues.

Why is Equinox Gym Pricing High?

What warrants the steeper price tag for Equinox fitness memberships?

  • Luxury Amenities – Premium facilities, high-end equipment, boutique-style group classes, and a plush ambiance consistent across locations.
  • Exclusive Perks – Access to Equinox-member only events, partner brand benefits, VIP invites, and special packages
  • Comprehensive Services – Full spectrum offerings beyond just gym access – spa, salon, cafes, personal training, specialty classes like Pilates, yoga, martial arts and more
  • High Service Standards – Best-in-class customer service, top-notch instructors, and premium in-club features
  • Lifestyle Approach – Holistic focus encompassing fitness, nutrition, recovery, community and overall wellbeing

So in return for higher prices, Equinox offers benefits extending well beyond just gym access, positioning it as a luxury wellness brand.

Equinox Gym Services & Facilities

Equinox centers offer an exhaustive range of fitness offerings and specialized wellness services.

Workout Options

  • State-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment
  • Group Fitness Classes – Yoga, HIIT, Cycling, Dance etc.
  • Personal Training – 1-on-1 focused fitness plans
  • Pilates & Yoga Studios
  • Swimming Pools & basketball courts
  • Specialty Training – Boxing, Martial Arts, Rowing, etc.

Wellness Services

  • Spa – Massages, Facials, Body Treatments
  • Salon – Hair, Waxing, Nail Services
  • In-house Cafes – Custom Meal Plans
  • Kids Club – Childcare Facility
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medical Services – Physician Access

So Equinox provides extremely comprehensive fitness and wellness services under one roof. The breadth of amenities and activities offered justifies its positioning as a luxury brand.

How to Cancel an Equinox Membership?

Ready to cancel your Equinox membership? Here is a step-by-step process:

  1. Inform in person at club reception or www.equinox.com
  2. Send written notice via registered mail or Email: cancellations@equinox.com
  3. Receive and retain cancellation confirmation
  4. Officially cancelled after 30-90 days post notice
  5. Applicable cancellation fees deducted from payments


  • The state intends to cancel within the notice
  • Cancel by the 10th of the month to stop the next billing cycle
  • Pending payments due per contract

Before canceling, explore:

  • Pausing membership for 1 to 3 months
  • Downgrading to basic/single club tier
  • No joining fees on restarting

Review cancellation policies beforehand for any applicable penalties.

Equinox Membership Costs by City

We break down estimated Equinox membership rates across various US metros:

New York City

  • Single Club Access – $205 monthly
  • Multi-Club Access – $270+ monthly
  • Initiation Fee – Up to $500

Los Angeles

  • Single Club Access – $200 monthly
  • Multi-Club Access – $270+ monthly
  • Initiation Fee – $235


  • Single Club Access – $185 – $210 monthly
  • Multi-Club Access – Approx. $300 monthly
  • Initiation Fee – Up to $300

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Single Club Access – $200 monthly
  • Multi-Club Access – $270+ monthly
  • Initiation Fee – $235

Washington D.C.

  • Single Club Access – $161 monthly
  • Metro D.C. Multi-Club Access – $200 monthly
  • Initiation Fee – Not mandatory

Rates are ultimately dependent on precise location, membership type chosen, and ongoing special offers. Verify exact pricing with your local Equinox center.

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Conclusion: How Much Does Equinox Gym Membership Cost?

Equinox memberships range widely from $150 to $500+ monthly for individual access, aligning with its positioning as a premium fitness brand.

Its pricing reflects the luxury amenities on offer, breadth of fitness services, high level of staff training and expertise along with lifestyle perks extending well beyond just gym access.

While Equinox commands significantly higher rates compared to average gyms, its pricing matches the exclusivity it offers.

With specialty equipment, spaces, and classes tailored to varied needs, Equinox manages to make a convincing value proposition backing its leadership in the luxury fitness domain.

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