eSporta Membership Cost 2024 + Membership Prices

Looking to save money on gym access without skimping on amenities? Esporta Fitness delivers flexible membership options at budget-friendly rates.

As an offshoot brand from leading fitness chain LA Fitness, Esporta offers similar equipment and classes but with a wider selection of plans tailored to various budgets and commitment levels.

eSporta Membership Cost 2024

eSporta Membership Cost

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Esporta Fitness pricing across all membership tiers. We’ll outline monthly fees, signup costs, and additional charges so you know exactly what to expect.

Read on for details plus tips on freezing, updating, or canceling your membership once signed up.

Esporta Fitness Prices: An At-a-Glance View

Here is a broad look at costs across Esporta memberships:

  • Monthly Fee: $9.99 – $29.99
  • Initiation Fee: Avg. $99 (often waived)
  • Annual Fee: $53 per person
  • Single Class Drop-In: $15 – $25
  • Day Pass: $15 – $25
  • Guest Pass: $20 per visit
  • Free 3-day Trials commonly offered

Rates vary by location. Discounts are sometimes offered for students, military, and seniors.

How Much Does One Esporta Fitness Class Cost?

Want to sample a class before purchasing a full gym membership? Drop-in rates for a single session run $15 – $25 per class. This covers your entry fee and provides complete access to amenities like pools or saunas for that day.

  • Non-members may also need to pay an additional $10 – $20 guest fee.
  • Introductory rates or first-timer discounts are sometimes offered.
  • Costs differ across locations.

It’s a flexible way to test drive the facilities risk-free.

Esporta Fitness Membership Costs and Options

When you’re ready to join, Esporta Fitness offers these main packages:

Single Club Access

  • $9.99 per month
  • $99 initiation fee
  • Access to one location

Single State Multi-Club Access

  • $25.99 monthly
  • No initiation fee
  • $53 annual fee per person
  • Access to gyms within the same state

Multi-State Multi-Club Access

  • $29.99 per month
  • No initiation fee
  • $53 annual fee per person
  • Nationwide gym access

Online Membership

  • $29.99 (single state) – $39 (multi-state) monthly
  • No initiation fee
  • Access to virtual classes/tutorials

Discounted student, military, and senior rates are available at select gyms.

What Extra Fees and Services Does Esporta Fitness Offer?

Alongside regular gym access, you can add on specialized services for an additional fee:

  • Personal Training: $30+ per session
  • Group Classes: Often included free
  • Child Care: Approximately $5 – $10 per child per visit
  • Nutrition Counseling: $30+ per consultation
  • Swimming Pools/Saunas: Sometimes free or carry fees
  • Retail Discounts: For members making on-site purchases

Availability and pricing vary by location.

Esporta Fitness Day Passes, Guest Passes, and Free Trials

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to a membership, Esporta provides flexible single-use options:

Day Pass

  • $15 – $25
  • Complete 1-day facility access
  • Try before you buy

Guest Passes

  • $20 per visit
  • Existing members can purchase for friends

Free 3-Day Pass

  • Frequently offered to new guests
  • 100% risk-free trial
  • Photo ID or member escort may be required

Entry policies can slightly differ between gyms. Call ahead for specifics.

How Does Esporta Fitness Compare Cost-Wise to Other Gym Chains?

Gym Monthly Fee Key Considerations
LA Fitness $35-$50 Similar amenities to Esporta but usually higher monthly rates
Planet Fitness $10+ Extremely budget friendly but has fewer amenities than Esporta
EOS Fitness $20-$40 Slightly higher monthly rates than Esporta but sometimes lower initiation fees
Crunch Fitness $25+ Fewer amenities than Esporta for a similar price
24 Hour Fitness $30-$50 Comparable monthly rates to Esporta but generally require longer contracts
LifeTime Fitness $60+ Upscale experience with premium pricing; lower cost than Esporta but fewer amenities
The Edge Fitness $20+ Marginally lower monthly fees than Esporta but likely less variety in classes/amenities

As you can see, Esporta provides a strong value in terms of amenities per dollar compared to competing national fitness companies.

What Facilities and Amenities Are Included with My Esporta Fitness Membership?

An Esporta Fitness membership grants access to:

  • Cardio and Strength Equipment

From basics like treadmills and bikes to targeted machines for resistance training. Free weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands are also included.

  • Group Fitness Classes

Robust set of options like:

  • Cycling/spinning
  • Zumba
  • Kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Aqua aerobics
  • And more
  • Child Care

Some locations provide kids club and child care for a fee so you can work out without worry.

  • Personal Training

Available à la carte starting around $30 per private session with a certified trainer.

  • Nutrition Counseling

Meet 1-on-1 with a nutrition specialist for customized diet guidance.

  • Luxury Amenities

Select gyms feature swimming pools, saunas, juice bars, and retail shops.

Facilities can vary by location – check with your local Esporta for specifics.

Are Esporta Fitness and LA Fitness the Same Company?

Yes – Esporta operates under the LA Fitness brand umbrella after rebranding certain gym locations. So while they share the same parent organization, key differences exist in their target demographics and pricing strategies.

In most cases, active members can access both Esporta and LA Fitness gyms thanks to reciprocity agreements. However, access rules can still vary depending on membership tier and individual location policies.

Can I Temporarily Freeze My Esporta Fitness Membership?

Need to press pause on your Esporta gym commitment? You have options to freeze/suspend it for a set period:

On a prepaid plan:

  • Freeze for up to 6 months
  • A $35 freeze fee applies

On a recurring payment plan:

  • Freeze indefinitely
  • $5 charge per billing cycle while paused

Freezing extends your membership expiration date, allowing you to retain unused previously paid duration.

Contact your specific location for details on freezing.

How Do I Change the Payment Information for My Esporta Fitness Membership?

You can easily update billing details by:

Online Account

  • Login to the online portal
  • Navigate to “Billing”
  • Enter updated payment info


  • Send written notice to:
  • Copy code
  •  PO Box 51355
  •   Irvine, CA 92619
  • Include membership barcode
  • Cannot mail cash payments

Changes made 3-5 days before the next billing date apply to the following payment cycle.

What is the Cancellation Fee and Process for Esporta Fitness Memberships?

Here’s what to know about canceling:

  • Access remains through your final prepaid month
  • Paid-in-full members must contact the gym
  • Cancellations apply after the initial contract term
  • Recurring payment members can cancel anytime

To Cancel:

  • Log in to the online portal
  • Find the “Cancellation” section
  • Submit the online cancellation form

You can also mail a written cancellation notice to headquarters. Check with your specific location for proper procedures to avoid early termination fees.

Esporta Fitness Gym Near Me:

Top 5 Esporta Fitness Membership Alternatives 2024

Gym Monthly Fees Perks Downsides
Planet Fitness $10+ Extremely affordable basic gym access Limited equipment, tends to be crowded during peak times
Crunch Fitness $9.95-$59.99 Flexible tanning packages, an extensive variety of classes like yoga, Zumba, and Pilates Extra fees are common for amenities like classes, personal training sessions, and guest passes
Gold’s Gym $29-$109 A comprehensive selection of weights and cardio equipment, indoor pools, steam rooms, saunas, towel service Premium pricing, a $59 annual fee, and frequent upselling by staff can be annoying
YMCA $40-$80 Nationwide reciprocity between locations, a broad range of group fitness classes, family-friendly amenities like kid zones, financial assistance available Membership cost, offerings, and facility quality vary drastically by location, busy during peak times
Local/Regional Gym Chains $10-$50 Generally most budget-friendly, personalized customer service, specialized amenities tailored to community demographics Quality, variety, and availability of classes and equipment can run the gamut based on management, lower reciprocity benefit

Frequently Asked Questions About Esporta Fitness Memberships:

  1. How much does an Esporta Fitness membership cost per month?

Esporta monthly membership rates range from $9.99 – $29.99 depending on location, amenities, and contract type. Discounted student and military rates are sometimes offered.

  1. How much are Esporta Fitness enrollment and sign-up fees?

The average initiation fee is $99 but is often waived completely for limited-time promotions. No signup fee for the online membership tier.

  1. What gym benefits and services are included with my paid Esporta Fitness membership?

Access to cardio machines, weights, group exercise classes, swimming pools/saunas, on-site child care, retail discounts, and more – based on location.

  1. Can I use an Esporta Fitness membership at LA Fitness gyms?

Yes, Esporta members can access most LA Fitness locations and vice versa through reciprocal agreements. However specific access can still vary based on the membership type bought.

  1. Does Esporta Fitness offer any free gym passes or trials?

Yes, new guests can try 3-day free passes. Existing members also get free guest passes. One-off free classes are sometimes offered.

  1. How old do you need to be to join Esporta Fitness without a parent?

The minimum age is 13 to join independently with consent documentation. Kids under 12 can enter with a supervising adult.

  1. What is the process for freezing my active Esporta Fitness membership?

Members can freeze for up to 6 months for a $35 fee (on prepaid memberships) or pause indefinitely for $5 per billing cycle (monthly recurring plans).

  1. How do I go about canceling my Esporta Fitness membership?

Cancellations require written notice via online form or mailed letter. The initial contract term must finish first if under a binding agreement.

  1. Will I be locked into a long automatically renewing contract by signing up with Esporta Fitness?

Not necessarily – they offer flexible membership terms from month-to-month agreements to longer 1+ year contracts. But automatic renewal generally applies once the initial commitment finishes.

  1. Does Esporta Fitness offer membership reciprocity with any other gyms?

Yes – there is cross-access between Esporta and LA Fitness locations in most cases. Certain premium clubs also allow visiting Esporta members 1-3 day access when traveling.

The Bottom Line: Esporta Fitness Provides Strong Value for Money

With flexible membership options scalable to different budgets plus money-saving perks like:

  • Multi-gym access
  • Special student/military rates
  • Free trial periods
  • And more

Esporta Fitness takes a boutique approach to amenities while maintaining reasonable nationwide pricing tiers. Before joining, carefully review all contracts and get clarification on any initiation costs, annual fees, or early cancellation penalties that could apply down the road.

But for fitness seekers who prioritize variety and convenience over luxury frills, Esporta Fitness delivers exceptional value. Grab a free 3-day guest pass at your neighborhood location to experience the modern vibe first-hand today!

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