UFC Gym Membership Cost 2024

Deciding on a gym membership is all about finding the right balance of affordability, amenities, convenience, and value for your money. This dilemma gets more complicated when evaluating premium gyms like UFC Gym which fuse high-energy martial arts training with community group classes and complete gym facilities.

Offering an unparalleled fitness experience, over 200 UFC Gym locations are emerging across America to meet demand. However, membership at these state-of-the-art destinations comes at a greater cost, which gives many beginners pause.

If the unique UFC training style entices you but the price tag seems intimidating, then understanding the full breakdown of membership rates, discounts, perks, contract terms, and signup details is key.

This comprehensive guide on UFC Gym membership options helps decode pricing complexities so you can determine if joining realistically aligns with both your budget and fitness aspirations.

With savvy comparisons to competitor gym rates plus insider tips on utilizing promotions and minimizing fees, we cut through the confusion surrounding membership costs.

Read on to unlock clarity regarding UFC Gym pricing, savings, and incentives so you can decide if investing in high-performance training is truly money-smart for you.

UFC Gym combines mixed martial arts-style workouts with traditional gym equipment and classes.

With over 200 locations, it offers a unique fitness experience. However, membership costs play a vital role in attracting new members.

UFC Gym Membership Cost 2024

UFC Gym Membership Cost

This article provides a comprehensive overview of UFC gym pricing, discounts, amenities, the sign-up process, and comparisons to guide your membership decision.

UFC Gym Membership Plans and Pricing

UFC Gym provides different membership options based on your preferences and budget:

UFC Gym Monthly Membership

  • Cost: $59-$99 per month
  • Term: Month-to-month
  • Enrollment Fee: $99–$149

The basic monthly plan allows you to pause or cancel anytime. It offers flexibility but is the most expensive per month.

UFC Gym Annual Membership

  • Cost: $29–$79 per month (when paid annually)
  • Term: 12-month commitment
  • Enrollment Fee: $99–$149

Paying for one year upfront significantly lowers the monthly rate. It’s suitable if you want to commit for a year and maximize savings.

UFC Gym No Commitment Membership

  • Cost: $69–$120 per month
  • Term: None
  • Enrollment Fee: $0

No commitment memberships don’t require contracts or terms. You get maximum flexibility but pay a higher monthly rate than annual plans. The benefit is avoiding enrollment fees.

UFC Gym Family Membership

  • Cost: $59-$189 per month
  • Term: month-to-month or annual
  • Enrollment Fee: Varies

Family plans allow up to 4 members, with discounts for adding partners, kids, teens, and more. It’s a budget-friendly way for groups to join.

UFC Gym Membership Discounts

  • Student Discount: 10% off
  • First Responder Discount: 15% off
  • Military Discount: 20% off

UFC Gym provides exclusive discounts for students, first responders, and the military to increase affordability. A valid ID is required.

UFC Gym Enrollment Fees

When first signing up, you’ll pay enrollment or initiation fees from $0 to $149 depending on location and plan. This covers membership setup costs.

Paying an enrollment fee avoids monthly account fees. But you can ask about periodic enrollment promotions if you want to avoid the upfront cost.

Membership Perks and Amenities

UFC Gym aims to suit all ages and skill levels. Highlights include:

  • Thousands of group fitness classes like kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, yoga, cycling, Zumba, etc.
  • State-of-the-art strength training and cardio equipment.
  • MMA bags for punching, kicking, and functional training.
  • Lap and leisure pools at select locations.
  • Basketball courts and group sports studios.
  • Kids Club babysitting and Kids MMA classes.
  • Full-service locker rooms with saunas, steam rooms, and showers.
  • Discounts on equipment and supplies at the Pro Shop.
  • Privilege to bring friends to try the gym.
  • Unlimited nationwide access at any UFC Gym location.

The variety attracts those seeking diverse and convenient workouts. Amenities like childcare also draw families.

How does UFC Gym compare to Other Gyms?

UFC Gym competes with premium brands like Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, and 24-Hour Fitness. Pricing is similar – $50 to $150+ monthly based on plan and location.

Compared to big box gyms like Planet Fitness or LA Fitness, UFC Gym excels due to far more amenities, personalized instruction, and premium facilities. However, it’s still cheaper than private training studios.

UFC Gym sets itself apart by offering martial arts classes like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing.

Here’s a pricing comparison with popular gyms:

Gym Monthly Fee Enrollment Fee
UFC Gym $59 – $120 $99 – $149
LA Fitness $30 – $50 $99 – $149
Equinox $100 – $250 $0 – $500
Planet Fitness $10 – $22.99 $0

Saving Money When Joining UFC Gym

UFC Gym’s premium pricing may seem high. However, you can join and maximize value on a tight budget by:

  • Taking advantage of promotions and enrollment fee discounts.
  • Comparing membership costs at neighborhood gyms to find the best local deals.
  • Splitting family plan costs with a partner at lower combined rates.
  • Committing to an annual plan to reduce the monthly cost.
  • Attending free trial classes before fully committing.
  • Joining with no commitment to avoid fees and easily cancel.

There are flexible options to maximize affordability, even on a tight budget.

Key Membership Cost Considerations

Consider these UFC gym membership factors when evaluating pricing:

  • Membership term: Longer annual terms get lower rates but less flexibility. Go short-term if uncertain.
  • Family plans: Adding more family raises costs. Evaluate size tradeoffs.
  • Enrollment fees: Upfront fees enable lower monthly pricing by covering signup costs.
  • Location: Urban gyms in big cities have higher rates than suburban ones.
  • Class packs: Buying limited class packs may better suit small budgets.
  • Premium amenities: More amenities mean higher membership fees. Gauge usage.
  • Personal training: Private and small group training is extra. Budget accordingly.

Compare what’s included at different membership levels to your priorities and budget. This ensures you choose the right fit.

Getting a Free UFC Gym Trial

While membership always requires fees, new members can currently access a free 7-day gym pass. This allows you to test out the location, classes, trainers, etc. before joining. To get your pass:

  • Visit the UFC Gym site and find your local branch.
  • Click “Get Info” and fill out the form to get a pass.
  • Alternatively, talk to an in-person representative.

The 7-day free pass offers $100+ value in unlimited access. Take unlimited classes, meet trainers, and use the equipment during the trial before deciding. There’s no commitment or fees for the free week.

The pass lets you experience UFC Gym risk-free before paying fees and the first month’s dues. Make the most of it by attending diverse classes and exploring everything available.

UFC Gym Holiday Deals and Promotions

UFC Gym provides special Black Friday and holiday sales for new members around winter holidays and New Year’s. Past discounts have included:

  • Free enrollment (worth up to $150)
  • 25% off memberships for the first year
  • Unlimited guest passes for members
  • Extended new member trial periods
  • Gift cards with purchases
  • Discounted personal training packages
  • Free gear like water bottles and bags

Check their website and social media when seasonal events approach for the latest holiday deals. Limited-time discounts provide stellar savings on gym costs.

Joining For Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Many join a new gym as part of New Year’s health and fitness resolutions. UFC Gym locations offer January specials to attract these members:

  • Free enrollment fees (up to $150 value)
  • The first month is discounted or free
  • Reduced 12-month membership rates
  • Extended free trial periods
  • Free fitness assessments and program plans
  • Extra gym guest passes and buddy offers

Joining UFC Gym aids popular resolutions like:

  • Losing weight through diverse training
  • Building muscle with dedicated equipment
  • Learning self-defense via martial arts
  • Motivation via group classes and communities
  • Accountability from personal trainers

Sign up early in January to keep motivation high for the entire year.

Choosing the Best Location For You

With 200+ UFC gyms across North America, you have ample options. Use these tips when picking your location:

  • Find nearby gyms for consistent convenience.
  • Compare membership pricing – some locations offer better deals.
  • Evaluate gym size and equipment availability to prevent crowds.
  • Tour first with a guest pass to assess the vibe, cleanliness, and amenities.
  • Talk to members to get unbiased facility pros and cons.
  • Consider 24/7 access if you have an unusual schedule.
  • Review class schedules to ensure the availability of your favorites.
  • Weigh premium features like pools, courts, etc. based on preferences.
  • Take time to visit and consult locations before signing up. This guarantees the budget, timing, features and overall fitness experience align with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are UFC gym memberships?

UFC Gym memberships range from $59 to $120 monthly depending on location, plan selected, and amenities included. Discounts like annual, family, or student rates can further lower costs.

  • What’s included with a standard UFC gym membership?

A standard membership offers unlimited access to gym equipment, weights, cardio machines, all group classes, and open gym hours. Additional amenities like pools vary.

  • What are UFC Gym enrollment fee amounts?

UFC Gym enrollment or initiation fees for new members range from $0 to $150. No-commitment memberships offer $0 fees. Discounted enrollment promotions run periodically.

  • Can I change my UFC gym membership?

Yes, you can freeze or pause memberships for up to 3 months for medical reasons by paying $5 monthly and having 6+ months of membership.

  • Does UFC Gym offer membership discounts?

Yes. There are student (10% off), first responder (15% off), and military member (20% off) discounts. You must provide eligibility proof.

  • What’s the minimum membership term at UFC Gym?

No commitment memberships have no minimum term and can be canceled anytime. Monthly ones need 30 days’ notice. Annual memberships carry a 12-month minimum commitment.

  • Can I use any UFC Gym location nationwide?

Yes, UFC Gym memberships offer access to any nationwide UFC Gym when traveling.

  • What’s the minimum age to join UFC Gym?

The minimum age is 13 years, with mandatory adult supervision for 13-15 year olds. UFC Gym has Kid’s MMA Fit classes while parents work out.

  • Does UFC Gym offer personal training?

Yes, certified personal trainers are available for private and small group training for added fees. New members get discounted intro packages.


UFC Gyms fuse high-energy martial arts, community group classes, and complete gym facilities into a unique fitness experience. Though membership pricing skews higher, the variety of terms plus member-exclusive discounts provide budget-friendly flexibility for most.

Perks like family plans, nationwide access, and premium amenities make rates worthwhile to many. Use free weeklong trials and holiday promotions to sample UFC Gyms risk-free first.

Compare membership types to your financial situation, schedule, and goals to unlock the best value. Capitalize on January specials to lock in deals for your New Year’s fitness resolutions.

With tailored options catering to different requirements, UFC Gym fosters an incredibly motivating and engaging environment to pursue your fitness journey.

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