OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost

Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) is a popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout studio, with over 1,300 locations globally. Founded in 2010, OTF focuses on endurance, strength, and power training through treadmills, rowing machines, and floor exercises.

Certified personal trainers guide 60-minute group workout classes calibrated to each member’s fitness level by monitoring heart rates with wireless monitors.

Thanks to this personalized guidance and community motivation, OTF earns high reviews for delivering enjoyable, effective full-body workouts.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices

OTF offers flexible membership plans to accommodate different budgets and commitment levels:

  • Basic Membership – $59 to $159 monthly
  • Elite Membership – $109 to $159 monthly
  • Premier Membership – $159 to $279 monthly

The main differences:

Membership Studio Access Heart Rate Monitor Early Booking Amenities Guest Passes
Basic Home studio only
Elite All studios
Premier All studios ✅ Unlimited 4 monthly

For unlimited access with the most perks, Premier gives the best value thanks to add-ons like:

  • ✅ Hydromassages
  • ✅ Cryotherapy
  • ✅ Compression therapy
  • ✅ Red light therapy

But Basic works for casual gym-goers on a budget.

How Much Is a Class at Orange Theory?

Aside from memberships, OTF offers pay-per-class drop-in rates without monthly commitments:

  • $28 to $36 per 60-minute class

Book sessions on-demand through their app or website based on open slots.

For better bulk value, Orange Theory sells multi-class packages with expiration dates:

Package # of Classes Validity Avg. Price Per Class
Single Class 1 class $28 to $36
5-Class 5 classes 60 days $23 to $27
10-Class 10 classes 180 days $20 to $24
20-Class 20 classes 365 days $18 to $22
30-Class 30 classes 365 days $17 to $20

Thanks to discounted rates for classes bought in bulk, bigger packages give the most savings per session.

OrangeTheory Membership Cost 2024

Wondering how Orange Theory membership costs stack up against competitors? See average monthly rates across popular gym chains:

Gym Monthly Fee
Planet Fitness $10 to $22.99
Gold’s Gym $29.99 to $49.99
LA Fitness $29.99 to $49.99
Orange Theory Fitness $59 to $279
F45 Training $59 to $79
Barry’s Bootcamp $219 to $359

While pricier than standard gyms, OTF comes in more affordable than many boutique studios while still providing that small-group personal training experience.

Upgrading from Basic to Premier unlocks the full range of amenities and access for maximum workout variety.

Is the First Orange Theory Class Free?

Yes! Orange Theory offers free 60-minute intro classes so new members can try workouts risk-free before joining.

Members also get prizes like free sessions, merch, and cryotherapy treatments for successfully referring friends. Bring your squad to earn rewards together!

Find an Orangetheory Fitness Studio Near You.

Find an Orangetheory Fitness Studio Near You

Prices for All Orange Theory Fitness Class Packages

Can’t commit to an ongoing monthly membership? See all Orange Theory’s prepaid class pack options with included session amounts and expiration validity:

Class Pack Included Classes Valid For Cost
Single Class 1 class $28 to $36
5-Class Pack 5 classes 60 days $115 to $135 total ($23 to $27 per class)
10-Class Pack 10 classes 180 days $199 to $239 total ($20 to $24 per class)
20-Class Pack 20 classes 365 days $359 to $439 total ($18 to $22 per class)
30-Class Pack 30 classes 365 days $499 to $599 total ($17 to $20 per class)

With bulk-buying discounts applied, bigger packs deliver the lowest effective rates per session over time. Split larger packs across friends if needed!

Orange Theory Fitness Prices List 2024

See Orange Theory’s complete class pricing for all workout formats:

Class Type Duration Description Price Per Class
Orange 60 60 min Core HIIT Combo $28 to $32
Orange 45 45 min Shortened Orange 60 $24 to $28
Orange 90 90 min Extended Orange 60 $34 to $38
ESP 60 min Endurance, Strength, Power focused $28 to $32
Tread and Shred 60 min Treadmill running and bodyweight work $28 to $32
Pilates 60 min Flexibility training $28 to $32
Yoga 60 min Poses for strength and balance $28 to $32
Rowing 60 min Zero-impact cardio $28 to $32
Orange X 60 min Advanced athletic drills $28 to $32
Dance 60 min Fun rhythmic cardio $28 to $32

Rates stay equal regardless of class style. Use your membership to conveniently book sessions via OTF’s website or app.

Prices for All Orange Theory Class Types

To match specific goals, OTF offers 10+ class types with modifications to suit all fitness levels. See key workout formats explained:

Orange 60

  • 60 minutes
  • OTF’s signature interval workout
  • Rotations between treadmills, rowing, and floor exercises
  • Trains endurancestrength, and power

Orange 3G

  • Same as Orange 60
  • 3 groups rotate quickly between 3 stations
  • Accommodates larger classes of up to 36 people
  • Less personalized guidance but shorter wait times

Orange 2G

  • Max 24 people in 2 groups
  • Switch between treadmills/rowers and the flood zone
  • More open space and coaching attention

Specialty Classes

  • Range from 45 to 90 minutes
  • Isolate specific goals like:
    • 🏋️‍♀️ Strength – Orange X
    • 🧘 Flexibility – Yoga, Pilates
    • 🏃‍♂️ Endurance – Tread and Shred
    • ❤️ Low-impact – Rowing
  • Fun formats like Dance

Try different class types over time to prevent plateaus!

Orange Theory Fitness Deals & Discounts 2024

Saving on fitness costs helps you commit long-term. Watch for these Orange Theory promos:

  • New studio openings – Founding member rate deals
  • Student and teacher discounts – Show valid IDs
  • Corporate tie-ups – Check if your company has existing OTF partnerships
  • Bundles – Free extra classes, merch, cryotherapy, etc
  • Loyalty rewards – Bonuses for renewing contracts
  • Referral perks – Free sessions for successfully sharing with friends

As a franchise, specials vary across locations. Check directly with your local studios on the latest offers!

Prices for Orange Theory Locations Near Me

With 1,300+ gyms nationwide, OTF makes finding suitable branches convenient regardless of state. See sample pricing for major metro areas:

State Single Class Rate Monthly Membership Example Cities
California $28 to $36 $59 to $279 Los Angeles <br> San Francisco <br> San Diego
New York $28 to $36 $59 to $279 New York City <br> Buffalo <br> Rochester
Texas $28 to $36 $59 to $169 Austin <br> Dallas <br> Houston
Florida $28 to $36 $59 to $169 Jacksonville <br> Miami <br> Tampa

Google “[your city] orange theory fitness” to find location-specific prices. Their sites also showcase membership costs per branch.

Orangetheory 2G vs 3G: What’s The Difference?

When booking workouts, you’ll see 2G and 3G class formats. Main differences:

Feature 2G Format 3G Format
Max Members 24 people 36 people
# of Groups 2 groups 3 groups
# of Stations Treadmills/Rowers <br> Floor zone Treads <br> Rowers <br> Floor
Layout More open space Accommodates more people
Wait Times Slightly longer rotations Shorter rotations between stations
Guidance More 1-on-1 coaching Quick pace but less personalized

Choose based on:

  • 🏋️‍♀️2G if you value more coaching attention
  • 3G if you dislike waiting between blocks

Both torch fat and boost endurance effectively!

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If outdated lone gym sessions have you uninspired, switch things up by joining Orange Theory Fitness instead for:

  • ✅ Personalized HIIT classes calibrated to your level
  • ✅ Enjoyable group accountability and motivation
  • ✅ More effective full-body calorie and fat burn

Use this complete OTF pricing guide to find the ideal membership and class packages within your budget. Then start firing up your fitness with training that challenges your body to thrilling new limits!

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