Club Pilates Pricing 2024 + Monthly Membership Cost

Club Pilates is one of the most popular Pilates studio chains in the United States, with over 600 locations across the country.

As the demand for boutique fitness studios continues to rise, many people are wondering—how much does it cost to attend Club Pilates classes or become a member?

Club Pilates Pricing 2024 + Monthly Membership Cost

Club Pilates Prices

In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down Club Pilates pricing for 2024 so you know exactly what to expect to pay:

  • Single-class drop-in rates
  • Membership fees
  • Class package costs
  • Available discounts

We’ll also overview the pricing for different Club Pilates class types so you can select the best option based on your budget and interests.

A Single Class Pricing at Club Pilates

If you want to “test drive” a Club Pilates class before purchasing a package or membership, you can pay a drop-in fee to attend a single session.

Drop-in class rates typically range from $30 to $35 per 60-minute class, depending on the location. This allows you to experience the workout before committing. Some locations may offer new client specials or first-class free promotions as well.

Class Length Price Range
60 minutes $30 – $35

So if you’re looking for flexibility with no strings attached, paying per class as you go is a great option. Just keep in mind that drop-in fees are typically the most expensive way to attend Club Pilates classes.

Club Pilates Membership Cost 2024

For regular Club Pilates participants, monthly memberships usually provide the best value.

Memberships grant unlimited access to classes for an entire month, with monthly fees starting around $100. Most locations offer different tiers, with higher-priced options including extra perks:

  • Basic Tier: 4 to 8 Classes/Month
    • $100 to $200 per Month
  • Unlimited Tier: Unlimited Classes
    • $150 to $250 per Month
  • Elite Tier: Priority Booking & Events
    • $200 to $300 per Month
  • Premier Tier: Specialty Classes
    • $250 to $350 per Month

As you can see in the pricing above, the cost can vary significantly depending on your studio’s location, specific tiers offered, and membership inclusions. Unlimited memberships tend to offer the best deal for regular attendees.

Membership Type Avg. Price Range
Basic (4-8 Classes) $100 – $200
Unlimited $150 – $250
Elite $200 – $300
Premier $250 – $350

Club Pilates memberships can be canceled or put on hold as needed each month. So unlike long-term gym contracts, you have the flexibility to take breaks or change commitment levels over time.

Prices for Club Pilates Class Packages

In addition to unlimited memberships, most Club Pilates locations sell class package deals. These provide discounted rates compared to drop-in pricing when you prepay for a set number of sessions.

Here are the typical class package options and pricing:

  • 4-Class Pack: $84
  • 8-Class Pack: $149
  • 10-Class Pack: $219
  • Valid for 2-6 months usually

The more sessions you buy upfront, the lower the per-class rate. Some studios may also offer 5-class or 20-class packages as well.

Package # of Classes Avg. Price
4-Class 4 $84
8-Class 8 $149
10-Class 10 $219

Class packs allow you to attend sessions at your own pace, without an ongoing monthly commitment. Just take note that these prepaid packages do expire, typically after 2 to 6 months depending on your location.

Club Pilates Prices List

To summarize the standard Club Pilates pricing across all membership types, class packs, and single sessions, here is an at-a-glance price list:

Item Price Range
Single Class Drop-In $30 – $35
Monthly Memberships
– Basic $100 – $200
– Unlimited $150 – $250
– Elite $200 – $300
– Premier $250 – $350
Class Packages
– 4-Class Pack $84
– 8-Class Pack $149
– 10-Class Pack $219
All-Access Membership $199/month

*Prices may vary by location. Contact your studio for exact rates.

As shown above, drop-in sessions cost the most per class, while multi-class memberships and packs provide increasing savings. An Unlimited membership or All-Access membership often gives the lowest rates for dedicated members.

Prices for All Club Pilates Class Types

Club Pilates offers various class types to match different needs and goals. Most locations provide a mix of mat Pilates, strength training, stretching, barre fusion, and specialty classes.

While prices vary depending on membership/package type, all classes are generally included at the same base rate. A few signature offerings include:

  • Club Pilates Classic: Foundational mat workout emphasizing core strength, flexibility, and full-body toning. The pinnacle Pilates experience.
  • Cardio Sculpt: Fuse’s cardio intervals with Pilates movements to boost heart rate and calorie burn while conditioning muscles.
  • Barre Fusion: Ballet-inspired toning using the Pilates reformer machines, balls, and bands to sculpt a lean physique.
  • TRX Suspension: Uses adjustable straps for bodyweight resistance training to build total body strength and balance while activating deep stabilizer muscles.
  • Stretching/Flexibility: Improves range of motion, and joint health, and lengthens muscles using a combination of foam rolling, static stretching, and gentle Pilates movements.
  • Strength Training: Tones and defines muscle using weights, resistance bands, and targeted calisthenics exercises.

Specialty classes like pre/post-natal Pilates, athletic conditioning Pilates, or Pilates for seniors may be offered at select locations as well.

When choosing classes, the variety allows members to customize workouts for different goals or needs while enjoying Studio perks like top instructors and amenities.

Club Pilates Deals and Discounts

To make boutique fitness more accessible, Club Pilates provides exclusive savings through partnerships and special discount programs:

Hero Discounts:

  • Nurses, doctors, military, police, and firefighters receive 10% off Unlimited Memberships
  • Honors wellness heroes and gives back to communities

Student & Teacher Discounts:

  • Offers percent-off monthly memberships and class packages
  • It varies by location; check with your studio!

Senior discounts, introductory specials, and first-responder discounts may also be available in certain areas.

Leveraging promotions makes Club Pilates classes and amenities more budget-friendly so more people can benefit. Reach out to your nearest location for details on current deals.

Prices for Club Pilates Location Near Me

With over 600 locations across America, Club Pilates makes boutique studio fitness accessible coast to coast. To find specific pricing for studios near your zip code:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Find a Studio”
  3. Enter your City, State, or Zip Code
  4. View membership costs, class schedules, and offerings for local spots!

You can also call or visit locations directly to learn about specials for new members. Finding area franchises makes it easy to choose a high-value membership to spark your Pilates practice.

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Club Pilates provides an approachable, low-impact way to build strength, tone up, and rejuvenate body and mind. While pricing varies based on geography, unlimited memberships start at around $150 monthly for total access.

Cost-conscious beginners can also buy class packages for $84, or pay drop-in rates between $30 to $35 per single session.

Specialized class types, top-tier instructors, and a motivating group fitness environment make Club Pilates a rewarding investment for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels.

Leveraging introductory discounts also allows new members to save on their first month.

To recap key pricing and membership details:

  • Drop-In Classes: $30 to $35
  • Monthly Memberships: Start at $100 for 4-8 classes/month; $150+ for Unlimited
  • Class Packages: Range from $84 (4 Classes) up to $219 (10 Classes)

Ready to experience the transformative mind-body workout for yourself?

Find a Club Pilates near you and start sculpting your best body ever today.

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