Virgin Active Gym Membership Cost 2024

Are you thinking about joining a gym in 2024? Virgin Active might be the perfect choice for you! With state-of-the-art equipment, world-class personal trainers, and amazing facilities, Virgin Active has something for everyone.

But before you sign up, let’s talk about the most important thing: how much does it cost?

Virgin Active Gym Membership Cost 2024

Virgin Active Gym Membership Cost

In this article, we’ll break down all the Virgin Active membership prices and fees in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia.

We’ll cover the different types of memberships, age group discounts, joining fees, monthly costs, deals, and more.

By the end, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to budget for your Virgin Active membership. Let’s dive in!

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Virgin Active Membership Types

First, let’s look at the three main types of Virgin Active memberships:

  1. Club Membership: This is the basic membership that gives you access to gym equipment, virtual studios, and group exercise classes. You also get free Wi-Fi.
  2. Premier Membership: This membership is perfect for people who want more perks and amenities. You get access to things like rock climbing walls, swimming pools, saunas, and more. It’s great for families too.
  3. Collection Membership: This is a top-tier membership for people who want the ultimate luxury gym experience. You get access to exclusive clubs with the best facilities and services.

Now that you know the membership types, let’s break down the prices in each country.

Virgin Active UK Membership Prices

Here are the prices for individual memberships in the UK:

Membership Type Joining Fee Monthly Fee
Normal (12 months) £0 £81.99
Normal (Rolling) £20 £87.99
Off-Peak (12 months) £0 £69.99
16-17 Years (Rolling) £10 £40
18-21 Years (12 months) £0 £47
18-21 Years (Rolling) £15 £56
22-25 Years (12 months) £0 £59
22-25 Years (Rolling) £20 £69
65+ (12 months) £0 £54
65+ (Rolling) £25 £61

Key things to note:

  • Joining fees are waived for 12-month commitments.
  • Discounted rates for teens, young adults, and seniors.
  • Off-peak membership only lets you access clubs during certain hours.
  • Rolling memberships can be canceled anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Virgin Active also offers corporate, family, and vitality discounts in the UK.

Contact your local club to learn more.

Virgin Active South Africa Membership Prices

In South Africa, Virgin Active has a few different membership categories with the following monthly fees:

Kids Memberships:

  • Kids Club-V: R99/month
  • Kids Club-V Max: R240/month

Club Memberships:

  • Off-Peak (12 months): R320 – R860/month
  • Anytime (12 months): R380 – R1140/month
  • Anytime (24 months): R320 – R930/month

Premier Memberships:

  • Premier (12 months): R1250/month
  • Premier (24 months): R1020/month
  • Premier Select (12 months): R900/month
  • Premier Select (24 months): R750/month
  • Youth Premier (12 months): R750/month
  • Youth Premier (24 months): R610/month

Collection Memberships:

  • Collection (12 months): R1900 – R2700/month
  • Collection (24 months): R1320 – R1820/month

Prices vary between clubs, so contact your local Virgin Active for exact rates. Longer commitments are cheaper per month.

Virgin Active Singapore Membership Prices

Virgin Active prices in Singapore are quoted as weekly rates:

Flexible Membership:

  • S$30/week (14-day commitment)

Long-Term Memberships:

  • S$61/week (12-month commitment)
  • S$51/week (24-month commitment)

Goal Getter Membership:

  • S$75/week (12-week commitment)

All Singapore clubs have similar pricing. Only the Flexible membership has a joining fee, usually around S$100.

Virgin Active Australia Membership Prices

Australia also uses weekly membership rates. There are no joining fees.

Flexible Membership:

  • A$20/week (14-day commitment)

Long-Term Membership:

  • A$41/week (12-month commitment)

Goal Getter Membership:

  • A$51/week (12-week commitment)

Clubs in Sydney and Melbourne follow these prices.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Virgin Active?

Joining fees vary a lot between countries:

  • UK: £0 for 12-month contracts, £10-25 for rolling contracts
  • South Africa: No joining fees
  • Australia: No joining fees
  • Singapore: S$0 for long-term, S$100 for Flexible

Virgin Active Monthly Costs Breakdown

Now let’s look at how much you’ll pay per month in each country.

United Kingdom

  • Basic 12-month membership: £81.99/month
  • Rolling monthly membership: £87.99/month
  • Discounted rates for 16-25 and 65+ age groups

South Africa

  • Club memberships: R270 – R1140/month
  • Premier memberships: R750 – R1250/month
  • Collection memberships: R1320 – R2700/month

Australia (weekly breakdown)

  • Flexible 14-day membership: A$20/week
  • 12-month membership: A$41/week
  • Goal Getter 12-week membership: A$51/week

Singapore (weekly breakdown)

  • Flexible membership: S$30/week
  • 12-month membership: S$61/week
  • 24-month membership: S$51/week
  • Goal Getter 12-week membership: S$75/week

Virgin Active Deals and Discounts

Virgin Active offers some great ways to save on memberships:

  • Age group discounts: Reduced rates for teens, young adults, and seniors in the UK and South Africa
  • Corporate discounts: 10% off for employees of participating companies
  • Family discounts: Reduced rates when you add family members to your plan
  • Vitality discounts: 50-100% off for Vitality health insurance members (see below)
  • Seasonal promotions: Look out for special joining deals and discounts around New Year’s and other holidays

Virgin Active Vitality Discounts

Vitality members can get 50-100% off Virgin Active membership fees! The exact discount depends on your Vitality plan. Contact your club for full details.

Canceling Your Virgin Active Membership

Need to cancel? Here’s what you should know:

  • You must give 30 days notice to cancel
  • If you cancel within 14 days of joining, you get a full refund on joining fees and membership dues
  • After 14 days, you can get a refund on unused membership dues, but not the joining fee
  • To cancel, visit your home club in person and fill out a form
  • You cannot cancel by phone or email

Using Other Virgin Active Clubs

Your Virgin Active membership gives you access to every Virgin Active gym in your country! You can use any of their facilities and group classes.

However, at very busy times, clubs may restrict access for non-home club members. And certain membership plans may have limits on club access.

Freezing Your Virgin Active Membership

Need to put your membership on hold? You can freeze your Virgin Active account for up to 6 months. Some key things to know:

  • You won’t be charged during the freeze period
  • Your membership automatically resumes after the freeze
  • You must give 14 days notice and pay a £5 monthly fee to freeze
  • Arrange the freeze in person at your club or by contacting member services

Canceling Virgin Active: Is It Hard?

Overall, canceling your Virgin Active membership is pretty easy as long as you follow their policies:

  1. Give 30 days notice.
  2. Cancel in person at your club, not by phone/email.
  3. Understand their refund policies based on when you cancel.
  4. Pay attention to your billing dates.

If you have any issues, contact their helpful customer support team.

Virgin Active Gyms Near You – Locations

Virgin Active has over 200 clubs across 8 countries! Find one near you:

You can also use the Virgin Active app to locate clubs, book classes, and manage your membership.

Contacting Virgin Active

Have questions about memberships, fees, or anything else? Here’s how to reach Virgin Active:

  • UK: 0207 717 9000
  • South Africa: 0860 200 911 / +27 21 684 3000 (abroad)
  • Singapore: +65 6908 7878
  • Australia: 1300 132 079

You can also contact them via their website, app, social media, or in person at your local club.


Let’s wrap up by answering some common questions about Virgin Active fees and memberships:

  • How much does Virgin Active membership cost?

Virgin Active membership prices range from around £50-£130/month in the UK, R300-R2700/month in South Africa, S$30-S$75/week in Singapore, and A$20-A$51/week in Australia. Exact prices depend on your location, membership type, and commitment length.

  • Can I go to any Virgin Active club with my membership?

Yes! Your Virgin Active membership gives you access to all of their gyms in your country. However, certain membership plans may have club restrictions. At busy times, clubs can limit access for non-home club members.

  • Is it easy to cancel Virgin Active?

Canceling your Virgin Active membership is fairly simple. Just give 30 days’ notice and visit your club in person to fill out a cancellation form. You can get a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of joining. After that, you can be refunded for unused membership time.

  • Can I change my Virgin Active membership type?

Yes, you can change your membership type at any time by contacting Virgin Active. However, you may have to pay additional fees or sign a new contract. Speak with your club or member services for more info.

  • Can I freeze my Virgin Active membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership for up to 6 months. You won’t be charged during the freeze period, but you must give 14 days notice and pay a small monthly fee (£5 in the UK). Arrange the freeze in person at your club or through member services.

The Bottom Line:

Virgin Active is an amazing gym chain with world-class facilities, trainers, and classes. And with so many flexible membership options, there’s something for every budget and fitness level.

Whether you’re in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, or Australia, Virgin Active is worth checking out.

Just remember to carefully review the membership prices, joining fees, age discounts, and cancellation policies before you sign up. And don’t hesitate to contact Virgin Active directly if you have any other questions.

Hopefully, this article gave you a much clearer idea of what it costs to join Virgin Active in 2024. Now all that’s left to do is get out there and start working towards your fitness goals. You’ve got this!

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