How to Cancel EOS Membership Online?

Staying committed to a gym membership can be challenging at times when life gets busy. While services like EOS Fitness offer flexible membership options at affordable monthly rates, situations come up making people consider canceling their memberships.

Maybe you’re moving to a new city far from your nearest EOS Fitness location. Perhaps a medical reason or job change has made it difficult to justify paying monthly gym fees during this season. Or could financial factors be tight and cause a rethinking of recurring expenses?

Whatever the reason, canceling your EOS Fitness membership is effortless once you know the proper steps. The process varies depending on whether you visit your gym in person, contact EOS Fitness by phone, send a cancellation letter by mail, or email them directly. This guide will walk through instructions for all options.

While most gym contracts make canceling difficult if not impossible before one year, the process with EOS Fitness is direct.

The key things that will be covered include:

  • Outlining the cancellation procedure for both month-to-month and annual contracts.
  • Providing step-by-step instructions for canceling in person, by phone, email, or physical letter.
  • Answering frequently asked questions concerning EOS Fitness cancellation policies.
  • Giving alternatives to consider if leaving EOS Fitness altogether.

So if you find yourself no longer able to stick with or afford your EOS Fitness commitment, use this guide to easily cancel your membership without hassles or headaches!

Are you looking to cancel your EOS Fitness membership? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Canceling your gym membership with EOS Fitness is easy if you know the steps.

How to Cancel EOS Membership Online?

How to Cancel EOS Membership Online

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire cancellation process, whether you want to cancel in person, over the phone, via email, or by mail.

An Overview of Cancelling an EOS Fitness Membership

EOS Fitness offers flexible gym membership options at over 300 locations across the United States. However, there may come a time when you need to cancel your membership with them, whether due to relocation, financial changes, or other reasons.

The good news is that canceling an EOS Fitness membership is straightforward. You have several cancellation options to choose from:

  • In-person: Visit your EOS Fitness location and submit a cancellation form
  • By phone: Call EOS Fitness customer service and request cancellation
  • By mail: Write a cancellation letter and mail it with proof of membership
  • By email: Email EOS Fitness customer service stating intent to cancel

You will also need to cancel autopay if you have automatic monthly billing set up. Below we explain the step-by-step instructions for each cancellation method.

4 Methods to Cancel Your EOS Fitness Membership

1. How to Cancel EOS Fitness In-Person

Cancelling your EOS membership in person at your gym location is usually the quickest and easiest way. Here is the process:

  • Go to your EOS Fitness location during business hours
  • Ask at the front desk to speak to a membership representative
  • Tell the representative you wish to cancel your membership
  • Provide your name and membership details when asked
  • Sign any cancellation paperwork if required
  • Return membership cards, keys, scans, etc.
  • Pay outstanding dues or fees if applicable
  • Get a copy of the cancellation form/receipt for records
  • Cancel automatic billing for monthly payments

Cancelling in person allows you to tie up any loose ends right away. Make sure to get documentation from EOS Fitness showing they received your membership cancellation request.

2. How to Cancel EOS Fitness Via Mail

If you can’t visit your EOS Fitness location to cancel in person, you can also cancel by mail by following these steps:

  • Write a cancellation letter stating your intent to cancel your membership
  • Include full name, membership number, and reason for canceling
  • Sign and date the letter
  • Attach a copy of your membership ID or other proof of membership
  • Mail letter and documents to EOS Fitness customer service address (visit website or call for address)
  • Keep copies of all documents for your records
  • Cancel automatic payments if applicable

Be sure to use the official EOS Fitness customer service mailing address so your cancellation letter gets to the right place. Certified mail with a return receipt is recommended for tracking purposes.

3. How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership Via Email

You can also cancel your EOS Fitness membership by sending an email. Follow these instructions:

  • Draft an email to the EOS Fitness membership cancellation or customer service email address
  • Specify “Membership Cancellation” in the subject line
  • State clearly that you want to cancel your EOS membership
  • Include full name, membership number, and reason for canceling
  • Sign the email with your name and date
  • Attach documents like membership ID if needed
  • Keep a copy of the sent email for records
  • Cancel automatic billing payments if you have them set up

Having the cancellation email provides helpful documentation if any issues arise later concerning final charges or pending payments from EOS Fitness.

4. How to Cancel EOS Fitness Membership by Phone

You can also cancel your gym membership over the phone:

  • Call the EOS Fitness customer service number 
  • Tell the representative you want to cancel your membership
  • Give your name and membership details when prompted
  • Provide reason for cancellation if asked
  • Complete any verbal cancellation forms required
  • Get cancellation confirmation number/receipt for records
  • Also, cancel automatic billing payments separately if needed

Jot down the name of the customer representative helping you cancel over the phone along with the date and time in case future questions arise concerning the cancellation.

Important Contact Information When Cancelling EOS

  • EOS Fitness Customer Service Phone Number: 877-827-9262

This number connects you with an EOS Fitness customer service representative who can help process membership cancellations over the phone or answer any questions related to canceling.

  • EOS Fitness Website:

Visit the website for individual club locations, contact info, membership details, and customer service email/mailing address for cancellations via email/mail.

Your specific gym’s phone number can also be used to inquire about membership cancellation policies or to submit cancellation requests directly at that gym.

Top EOS Fitness Alternatives to Consider

If you need to cancel your EOS Fitness membership, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, make sure to explore alternative gyms available in your local area. Here are the top cheaper national gym chains to consider:

Gym Monthly Price # of Locations
Planet Fitness $10 and up 2,200+
Crunch Fitness $9.95 and up 350+
Blink Fitness $15 and up 100+
Anytime Fitness $55 Average 5,000+
Fit4Less by GoodLife Fitness $5 biweekly + $1 signup 300+ (Canada)

Be sure to factor in membership fees, contract terms, gym amenities, cancellation policies, and location convenience when choosing the best budget-friendly fitness option if you decide to leave EOS Fitness.

Recap of the EOS Fitness Cancellation Process

To summarize the key things covered concerning how to cancel your EOS Fitness gym membership:

  • Cancelling EOS Fitness has 4 main options – in person, by mail, phone, and email.
  • There is typically a $15 cancellation fee.
  • Special cases allow cancellation without fees – like moving 25+ miles away.
  • When canceling specify the cancellation reason and provide documentation.
  • Get cancellation confirmation/receipt from EOS Fitness.
  • Also, cancel automated billing payments separately.
  • Cheaper national gym chains exist if you need an EOS Fitness alternative.

With this information, you should have all you need to smoothly handle canceling your EOS Fitness gym membership. The process is very direct whether you opt to cancel in person or by mail, phone, or email based on your situation. Use the guidance above to ensure no open ends and your fitness needs continue being met with the ideal gym.

EOS Fitness Cancellation FAQs:

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about cancelling an EOS Fitness gym membership:

  • Can I cancel my EOS Fitness membership online?

Unfortunately, EOS Fitness does not currently offer online membership cancellation. Cancellations must be submitted in person, via phone, email, or physical mail per the above instructions.

  • What is the EOS Fitness cancellation fee?

EOS Fitness typically charges a $15 cancellation fee when ending a membership. Contact your specific gym location to confirm as fees can vary between franchises.

  • How much notice do I need to give EOS Fitness to cancel?

EOS Fitness requests written notice at least 5 full business days before the next billing date to have sufficient time to process the cancellation request.

  • Can I freeze my EOS Fitness membership instead of canceling it?

EOS Fitness generally only offers membership freezes in special cases like medical reasons or military deployment. Check with your gym location for exceptions. Most of the time, you’ll have to cancel and then sign up again later.

  • What is the EOS Fitness refund policy for canceled memberships?

If you cancel within 3 business days of signing up, EOS provides full refunds. Outside of that timeframe, refunds are generally not offered except in cases covered by special exemption policies concerning reasons like medical disability.

  • If I move, can I cancel my EOS membership without paying a fee?

Yes, EOS Fitness allows you to cancel without a fee if you are moving 25+ miles away from the closest gym location based on proof of new address.

  • Do I need to cancel in person or can someone else handle it?

EOS Fitness will need a written notice including your signature. If you are physically unable to cancel in person, a signed letter from you along with authorized representation should suffice to cancel on your behalf.

  • What if I signed a contract with EOS Fitness? Can I still cancel?

If you signed an EOS Fitness membership contract for a set period (usually 1 year or longer), you typically can still cancel but may owe an early termination fee outlined in the contract you originally signed. Check your contract and contact an EOS representative.

  • What documents do I need to provide when canceling EOS Fitness?

Have your membership agreement, any signed contracts related to your membership, account details, cancellation forms provided by EOS Fitness, and proof of identification available. This ensures the process goes smoothly.

  • Can I cancel over the EOS Fitness member web portal or mobile app?

Unfortunately, cancellation requests cannot be processed through the member portal or EOS Fitness mobile app at this time. You need to use one of the other accepted cancellation avenues covered earlier in this guide.

  • If my payment failed due to an expired card, does that cancel my membership?

No, having an expired credit card, inactive bank account, or payment failure does not equate to cancellation of your EOS Fitness membership by default. You have to directly request cancellation separately.

  • If I paid annually, will I get a refund if I cancel EOS Fitness early?

In most cases paying for an entire year upfront does not make you eligible for a partial refund when cancelling earlier than 12 months. Certain medical reasons and exceptions may still apply per EOS policy.

  • Can I send someone to cancel on my behalf at the gym location?

Yes, you can send an authorized representative to cancel your membership in person provided you give them 1) a signed written notice of cancellation request with your signature and 2) documentation proving account ownership such as your membership ID card.

Have a Question About Cancelling EOS Fitness?

For any other questions, feel free to reach out to an EOS Fitness customer representative for additional assistance on the ins and outs of canceling your gym membership account or getting set up with a viable fitness alternative.

Best of luck!

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