Third Space Prices 2024 + Membership Cost

Tucked away in prime locations across central London lie luxury havens for health and fitness buffs. Third Space is redefining the gym experience with unparalleled amenities, cutting-edge fitness approaches, and an emphasis on total well-being.

As London’s leading premium fitness club chain, Third Space caters to professionals and residents seeking privacy, flexibility, and five-star service.

Whether your goal is sculpting your physique, de-stressing after a long day, or improving your athletic performance, Third Space provides everything you need under one roof.

Third Space Prices 2024

Third Space Prices

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Third Space gym locations, memberships, amenities, services, costs, and what sets them apart within the luxury fitness market.

An Introduction to the Third Space Fitness Experience

Founded in 2012, Third Space shook up London’s boutique gym scene with a focus on luxury you won’t find at mainstream fitness chains. Key highlights of their unique approach:

  • State-of-the-art fitness facilities packed with top-quality equipment for every training need. You’ll find plenty of natural light and open layouts.
  • Group exercise studios offer 40+ classes per week like yoga, HIIT training, boxing, and aqua studio sessions.
  • Vast wet relaxation areas featuring vitality pools, saunas, ice fountains, steam rooms, and more. The perfect way to recover from an intense workout.
  • Premium changing rooms provide grooming products, hair styling tools, fresh towels, and luxury toiletries. You can shower and change in total comfort and privacy.
  • In-house nutritionists are available for personalized meal planning, supplement guidance, and special dietary needs.
  • On-site physical therapy including sports massages, cryotherapy, rehabilitation, and compression treatments.
  • State-of-the-art medical testing like body scans, blood analysis, and in-depth health assessments.
  • Elegant, open-concept interiors with plenty of designer and luxury touches. You’ll forget you’re in a gym.

The result is a fitness club environment focused on delivering private, five-star service in a comfortable, upscale setting.

Third Space Membership Price UK 2024

MAYFAIR Membership (Includes Use Of All Third Space Clubs) £265.00
SOHO Group Membership £230.00
CITY Group Membership £230.00
Club Membership £200.00
TOWER BRIDGE Group Membership £230.00
Club Membership £205.00
CANARY WHARF Group Membership £230.00
Club Membership £200.00
MARYLEBONE Group Membership £230.00
ISLINGTON Group Membership £230.00
Little Space 0-3 Years £40.00
Little Space 3-11 Years £70.00
MOORGATE Group Membership £230.00
Club Membership £200.00

Third Space Gym Locations Across London

With 6 locations open and more on the way, Third Space gyms can be found across prime areas of central London:

  • Soho Club – Brewer Street, West End
  • Tower Bridge Club – Pepper Street, within walking distance of the Thames
  • Marylebone Club – Cilfton Road, right near Regent’s Park
  • Canary Wharf Club, easily accessible from the Jubilee Line or DLR
  • City Club – Finsbury Square, close to Moorgate and Liverpool Street Stations
  • St Paul’s Club – New Change, The City, near St Paul’s Cathedral

Additional clubs opening soon include Kensington, Fulham Broadway, and Chiswick so you’re never far from these fitness oases.

Use the club finder on their website to locate your most convenient Third Space location whether it’s close to home or your workplace.

Unparalleled Amenities No Other Gym Can Match

A visit to any Third Space location makes clear why they bill themselves as London’s premium fitness experience. You’ll discover amenities more in line with a luxury resort than your average gym, including:

  • 20-meter ozone swimming pools are perfect for laps with lanes designated by speed.
  • Vitality pools with massage stations to relax tight muscles.
  • Thermal suites with soothing saunas, eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, and ice fountains to cool down.
  • Stunning mosaic-tiled hydrotherapy pools to improve circulation and rehabilitation.
  • Bubbling whirlpool hot tubs surrounded by mosaics.
  • Relaxation lounges to unwind pre- or post-workout.
  • State-of-the-art indoor cycling studios offering 40+ classes weekly with virtual trainers and beautiful projections to inspire you.
  • Dedicated tier x studios specializing in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with accurate biometric tracking.
  • Multi-purpose studios for boxing, martial arts, or private personal training sessions.
  • Full basketball and badminton courts – a rarity for central London gyms.
  • Luxurious changing rooms are stocked with grooming items like deodorant spray, mouthwash, cotton buds, straighteners, and filtered water.
  • Healthy juice bars and restaurants run by professional nutritionists to refuel pre- or post-session.

With extensive premium facilities for fitness, recovery, and overall well-being, Third Space gyms provide everything you need to look and feel your best in stunning surroundings.

Signature Services Catering to Every Wellness Need

Personal Training from World-Class Coaches

See fast results and breakthrough plateaus safely under the guidance of Third Space’s accredited personal trainers and elite coaches. One-on-one sessions start from £80 per hour tailored exactly to your fitness levels and goals whether that’s muscle gain, weight loss, injury recovery, or sport-specific training.

You also have access to digital PT10 training plans – 10-week personalized programs to follow on your starting from £175.

Nutrition Support for Peak Performance

The in-house team of qualified nutritionists and dietary experts offer personalized nutrition coaching to fuel your workouts and maximize your health.

  • Bespoke meal planning services provide tailored macros and calorie guidance based on your goals, preferences, and needs – packages start from £200 per month
  • Grocery shopping assistance from nutritionists who can walk the aisles with you or provide lists of optimal choices
  • Supplementary guidance on shakes, vitamins, and minerals to enhance performance, recovery, and health markers The supplementary guidance ensures any potential gaps in your diet are covered so you can train at your peak.

Cutting-Edge Health Testing and Analysis

Explore Health powered by Third Space provides state-of-the-art health testing so you can gain insights into fitness levels, nutrient status, body composition and more using cutting-edge tech like:

  • Advanced 3D body scans showing fat distribution and muscle balance to track progress
  • Blood biomarker testing checks everything from cholesterol to vitamin levels and liver health
  • Fitness testing assessing cardio endurance, strength, power, flexibility and balance
  • Musculoskeletal analysis preventing injury risks
  • Nutrition consultation paired with testing so doctors can advise diet tweaks optimizing your biomarkers

These professional tests spot potential health and training issues early so you can reach fitness goals quicker and safer.

Indulgent Spa Treatments for Recovery

Third Space gyms incorporate luxury spa-style experiences supporting muscle repair, recovery, and relaxation across stunning mosaic-lined spaces:

  • Sports massages to release tight muscles and adhesions
  • Contrast hydrotherapy circuits alternating hot and cold water therapy
  • Cryotherapy plunge pools for inflammation reduction
  • Compression treatments improve circulation and recovery
  • Physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation guidance from on-site specialists

The combination of relaxation and sports science facilitates both physical and mental recovery while preventing nagging injury recurrence.

Unique Heat Experiences Across Stunning Spaces

Sauna and steam sessions at Third Space gyms provide deeply therapeutic benefits, but they’ve incorporated design elements transforming them into moments of luxury.

  • Herbal infusion saunas flooded with calming aromatherapy scents
  • Crystal steam rooms lined with semi-precious stones carrying healing energy
  • Color light therapy is applied in combination with dry heat or steam These science-backed elements enhance the experience so you emerge feeling seriously blissed out!

With best-in-class fitness amenities, elite coaching, luxury relaxation spaces, and preventative health services in one place, Third Space redefines expectations of what a boutique gym can provide.

How to Join Third Space Gyms?

Ready to upgrade your fitness experience? Here are the next steps to begin your Third Space journey:

  • Book a 3-day gym pass to visit your preferred Third Space location and trial the first-rate facilities and services.
  • Chat with a membership consultant about the monthly membership category fitting your schedule and budget.
  • Provide your payment details to set up a direct debit for automated monthly payments.
  • Schedule a welcome tour to get oriented with the gym layout, amenities, locker rooms, and equipment.
  • Sign up for additional services like PT or nutrition coaching to align expert support with your fitness goals.

Then you’re ready to work out, de-stress, and feel your best across stunning spaces built just for you!

With locations across prime areas of London, world-class amenities, expert support, and sheer luxury, Third Space gyms make it easier and more enjoyable than ever to get fit and live well.

Below are additional answers to some frequently asked questions about key offerings at Third Space clubs:

Does Third Space Gym Have Lockers?

Yes, Third Space clubs offer plenty of conveniently located locker room suites so members and guests can store belongings securely while working out. Expect far more than just lockers:

  • Day-use lockers with integrated digital locks so you don’t need to bring your padlock.
  • Vanity stations with mirrors, hair styling tools, luxury toiletries, and grooming items.
  • Rain showers with complimentary body wash and shampoo.
  • Towel service so you don’t need to remember your own.
  • Changing areas to privately get ready pre- and post-session.

The locker room experience matches the high-end quality and attention to detail found throughout Third Space gyms. There’s no need to worry about the security and storage of your items while training.

What Are The Day Pass Options To Try Third Space Gyms?

For those wishing to experience these luxury fitness clubs before purchasing a membership, Third Space offers day passes with full facility access:

  • Guest Day Pass – £20 when invited by an existing member (limited to 3 per year)
  • Day Pass – £35 for non-members purchasing directly from the gym
  • Off-Peak Day Pass – £15 for visits Monday to Friday before 5 pm

Those on trial passes can return for up to 3 visits within 14 days.

Day passes enable non-members to check out the exceptional Third Space experience across their state-of-the-art gyms before committing. Guest passes also provide a nice perk for members to invite friends, family, or colleagues to work out together for a day.

Contact your nearest location to learn more about securing a trial day pass.

What Are The Top Third Space Gym Membership Options?

Third Space offers flexible membership categories based on your frequency of access along with add-on options like nutrition coaching or spa therapies.

The core memberships include:

Membership Type Monthly Cost Details
Club Membership From £100+/month Gym access restricted to one location
Multi-Club Membership From £150+/month Gym access across all Third Space locations
Under 35s Membership From £65+/month Discounted rate for under 35s at specific locations
Off-Peak Membership £75+/month Mon-Fri before 5 pm access only
Student Membership From £50+/month Discounted rate for students aged 16-25

Memberships come with unlimited gym access, exercise classes, and access to all amenities like pools, spas, and relaxation zones.

There are always new member deals like free trials and discounted first months to incentivize those considering joining too.

What Are The Top 5 Third Space Gym Competitors In London?

While Third Space dominates the luxury gym market in London, competitors exist catering to similar high-end fitness audiences. The top brands include:

  1. Equinox Gyms: Ultra-luxury fitness clubs famed for celebrity sightings with locations across Central London. High-end amenities and social events for busy professionals.
  2. KXU: State-of-the-art boutique gym in trendy King’s Cross with compact yet lavish hot and cold experiences. The brand is known for innovations like anti-gravity yoga.
  3. Clean & Lean Gyms: Small but growing luxury fitness club chain focused on clean aesthetics and nutritional health. Mainly HIIT, Pilates, and yoga group classes.
  4. One LDN: Plush fitness studios located inside modern luxury apartment buildings. Limited membership for exclusive feel backed by high-end facilities.
  5. Fitness First Platinum Clubs: More accessible luxury club experience from a major affordable gym chain. Lower monthly fees than Third Space but still great amenities.

However, none offer quite the extensive personalized services, luxury relaxation areas, and medical facilities provided by Third Space clubs.

10 Key Things To Know Before Joining Third Space Gyms

Here are answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions about memberships, facilities, and training at Third Space Luxury Fitness:

  • 1. Do I need to pay a joining fee?

Yes – joining fees are currently £100 plus membership dues paid upfront. This one-time fee helps secure your membership.

  • 2. Can I get a free trial before joining?

Yes! Third Space offers 3-day trial passes so you can test their amazing facilities and services before joining.

  • 3. How much is parking near Third Space clubs?

Many locations have bike racks outside but no free member parking. Nearby public parking tends to be £5-15 daily.

  • 4. Is there an option to freeze or cancel memberships?

Yes – you need to provide 30 days’ written notice and can freeze for 1-3 months over 12 months.

  • 5. Do memberships automatically renew monthly?

Yes, memberships auto-renew each month and are paid via direct debit. 30 days’ notice must be given to cancel.

  • 6. Can another gym member enter as my guest?

No – guest passes are only for non-members to try Third Space gyms. Friends with other gym memberships cannot enter as your guest.

  • 7. Are group exercise classes included in my membership?

Yes! All memberships include unlimited access to 40+ weekly scheduled classes at your location.

  • 8. Is physiotherapy or sports massage included?

No – add-on recovery services like massage or cryotherapy must be booked and paid for separately. Memberships feature gym access with monthly dues.

  • 9. Are there age requirements to join?

Those aged 16+ can sign up. However, the under 35s must provide valid ID during sign-up showing proof of age for discount eligibility.

  • 10. How do I cancel my membership if moving abroad?

Those moving abroad can cancel memberships early without 30 days’ notice but must provide proof of an international address change.

Hopefully, those tips help provide clarity on what to expect as part of the exceptional Third Space member experience!

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In Summary: Unparalleled Luxury Fitness Awaits in the Heart of London

Third Space clubs offer so much more than world-class fitness facilities and training. You’ll discover luxury relaxation areas facilitating both physical and mental wellness enhancements.

With highly qualified experts, elite equipment, stunning design and sheer comfort under one roof, Third Space gyms simplify fitness so you can feel your best.

Visit any of their conveniently located clubs today to book a trial and experience the sheer luxury for yourself. Because everyone deserves access to premium fitness.

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