F45 Pricing + Membership Cost 2024

F45 Training is a popular fitness franchise that offers high-intensity, group workout classes lasting 45 minutes each. F45 combines functional, circuit, and HIIT-style training to give you a full-body workout that’s fast, fun, and effective.

Since launching in Australia in 2011, F45 has grown rapidly across the globe. Today, there are over 1,750 F45 studios open worldwide, with new locations popping up all the time.

F45 Pricing + Membership Cost 2024

F45 Pricing

So what makes F45 so popular? And how much does it cost to take classes at an F45 studio near you? This guide will explain everything you need to know, including:

  • F45 Training class prices
  • F45 membership fees
  • Cost of F45 workout packages
  • F45 Challenge details
  • Special offers and discounts

We’ll also provide tips to save money on your F45 experience. Let’s dive in!

F45 Training Prices 2024

F45 doesn’t have set pricing; each franchise location determines its class rates. However, costs are fairly consistent across studios.

Here’s an overview of standard F45 Training prices:

  • Drop-in/single class: $25-$35
  • Unlimited membership: $150-$250 per month
  • Class packages: $100-$600

Most F45 studios let you take your first class for free so you can test it out risk-free.

Many also offer 1-week free trials, specialty membership tiers with class caps (like 8 classes per month), or discounts for students, teachers, military, medical professionals, and more.

F45 Single Class vs Membership Cost 2024

  • Single Class: Expect to spend $25-$35 to drop-in for one class. This offers flexibility if your schedule varies from week to week. However, single classes are the most expensive way to attend F45 over time.
  • Unlimited Membership: For $150-$250 per month, you get unlimited access to all class times. This is the best value if you plan to go consistently multiple times per week. Some locations have cheaper “limited” memberships with a set number of monthly classes instead of unlimited access.
  • Class Packages: As a middle ground, F45 sells class packs with 5, 10, or 20 sessions ranging from $100-$600 total. These expire after a set time period, usually 6, 9, or 12 months depending on location. Packages can save ~10-15% per class compared to drop-ins.

F45 Membership Cost Breakdown

Here is a detailed breakdown of common F45 Training membership rates:

Membership Type Average Cost Details
Month-to-Month $170/month Cancel anytime after an initial 4-month commitment
6 Month Membership $165/month 6-month commitment required
12 Month Membership $155/month 12-month commitment required
Limited Membership $139/month ~8 classes per month
  • Month-to-month, 6-month, and 12-month options provide unlimited access to all class times. Longer commitments typically have lower monthly fees.
  • Limited memberships only cover a set amount of classes per month, usually 8.

Additional fees like annual maintenance fees may apply. Rates vary by location.

Is the First F45 Class Free?

Yes, F45 allows new clients to take their first class for free. This is hugely beneficial because you can experience the workout, coaching, and studio vibe before paying.

The free intro session allows first-timers to learn the proper form of exercises, check out different class formats, meet the trainers, and decide if F45 fits their fitness needs.

If you enjoy your first free F45 class, you can sign up for more on the spot. But there is no obligation to purchase classes or membership after your free session.

F45 Training Class Packages in 2024

For flexibility without a monthly commitment, F45 sells discounted class packages valid for 5, 10, or 20 sessions. Packages include:

  • 5 Classes: $119
  • 10 Classes: $200-$270
  • 20 Classes: $400-$540

Packages expire 6-12 months after first use, depending on location. This ensures you use your sessions in a reasonable timeframe after purchasing. Unused sessions may be forfeited if your package expires.

Here’s how an F45 class package can save money over time:

  • Paying per drop-in class: 10 classes x $30 each = $300
  • Purchasing 10 class package: $250 package = Just $25 per class

As shown above, pre-paying for sessions in a larger bundle helps cut costs. Class packages allow savings without requiring memberships.

F45 Training Prices List

F45 Training Pricing Average Cost
Single drop-in class $25-$30
Unlimited membership $150-$250 per month
5-class package $100-$150
10-class package $200-$300
20-class package $400-$600
1-week free trial Free
First class free Free

Prices vary by location

What is the F45 Challenge?

The F45 Challenge is an intensive 8-week fitness and nutrition program. Participants follow structured daily meal plans and attend frequent F45 workouts. Each F45 location runs an annual Challenge.

Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the popular F45 Challenge:

  • Workouts: 45-50 high-intensity F45 class sessions
  • Meal plan: Recipes, grocery lists, daily calorie targets
  • Lifestyle tips: Sleep, stress management and more
  • Camaraderie: Supportive online F45 community access
  • Merch: Challenge kit, progress tracker, shirt & photos

The Challenge culminates in a final ceremony where winners are announced for the most improved overall, weight loss and other categories.

F45 Challenge prices typically range $200-$300 covering everything mentioned above for the 8 weeks. This averages just $25-$38 weekly — making it a cost-effective program with built-in coaching and accountability.

F45 Training Special Deals & Discounts

While F45 doesn’t offer long-term membership sales often, new studios frequently run grand opening promotions. Existing locations may also run limited-time deals around the holidays or New Year when people tend to refocus on fitness.

Some deals you may find at F45 Training include:

  • Grand opening discounts like 30 days for $45
  • Referral and loyalty rewards
  • The first month is discounted for new members
  • Occasional promo months for a flat rate

You can also look into:

  • Occupation discounts: Teacher, medical personnel, military, student
  • Corporate or group rates
  • Payment in full discounts

Tip: Check with each F45 location near you to ask about any current deals or seasonal special offers before joining.

F45 Prices Near Me

F45 Training has over 1,750 studios globally, with locations spread across 45+ countries. There are over 1,000 locations across more than 900 U.S. cities.

Use the studio finder tool on F45Training.com to find F45 locations near you. Then check with each studio for updated pricing details.

To give you a general idea, here’s an overview of standard F45 single-class drop-in rates across some major metro areas:

City Typical Single Class Price
New York City, NY $30
Los Angeles, CA $30
Chicago, IL $28
Houston, TX $25
Phoenix, AZ $28
Philadelphia, PA $30
San Antonio, TX $25
San Diego, CA $30
Dallas, TX $25
San Jose, CA $30

And monthly unlimited F45 membership rates across top US cities:

City Average Unlimited Membership Price
New York City, NY $219/month
Los Angeles, CA $159/month
Chicago, IL $179/month
Houston, TX $159/month
Phoenix, AZ $159/month
Philadelphia, PA $179/month
San Antonio, TX $179/month
San Diego, CA $179/month
Dallas, TX $179/month
San Jose, CA $179/month

Exact pricing varies by specific location

F45 Training Class Types

While all F45 workouts pack cardio, strength, and functional training into 45 minutes, studios offer a few different class styles.

Common F45 class types include:

  • Functional Training: Bodyweight-based strength and HIIT circuits
  • Cardio: Rowing, running, and ski machines for serious sweat
  • Resistance / Weights: Strength machines, free weights, resistance bands
  • Hybrid: Mix of 2+ formats for balanced fitness

Class names and formats differ across locations. Most F45 studios list their current class schedules on their websites.

Some specialty class examples include:

  • Athletic: Advanced moves like box jumps and sled pushes
  • Hollywood: HIIT circuits with grids of exercises
  • Miami: Dance cardio format set to Latin beats

F45 also offers lifestyle classes like yoga, pilates, and even barre or boxing. Availability varies by gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions about F45 Training:

  • 1. Is F45 good for beginners?

Yes! F45 workouts are scalable to your personal fitness level. Coaches provide form guidance and modification options so both beginners and advanced athletes get an excellent workout.

  • 2. How often should you do F45 per week?

Aim for 2-4 F45 Strength and Cardio workouts per week. More is okay if your body can handle the high intensity and volume. Always listen to your body and take rest days as needed.

  • 3. What happens if I miss an F45 class?

No worries if you have to skip a class occasionally while traveling or when life gets busy. The workouts change daily anyway. Just pick back up where you left off.

  • 4. Can I bring a friend to F45 for free?

Most locations allow you to bring 1 friend for a free workout. Some may require sign-up in advance so ask your specific gym. It’s a nice perk for introducing new people to F45!

  • 5. Is there childcare at F45?

Unfortunately, childcare is not offered at F45 gyms. The fast pace makes it difficult to supervise minors safely. However, some locations offer limited weekend class times where you may be able to bring older kids. Call ahead to check policies if interested.

  • 6. What should I wear to F45?

Lightweight, breathable fitness clothing is ideal. Bring a sweat towel and water bottle. Any cross-training shoes work like sneakers, gym shoes or training shoes with good traction and lateral support for all the pivoting.

  • 7. Can I join F45 if I’m pregnant or postpartum?

Ask your OBGYN or midwife first. If cleared for exercise, coaches can guide modifications for you throughout pregnancy and after giving birth. Let them know to provide a low-impact workout.

  • 8. Is there food at F45?

Most locations sell supplemental shakes, bars, and pre/post-workout drinks. Some feature smoothie bars or nutrition shops on-site. But no full meals are served at F45 gyms. Bring your own snacks if desired.

  • 9. Can I choose my trainer?

Usually, you cannot pick a specific trainer in advance. Rotations allow you to experience different coaching styles. But feel free to provide feedback to management if you love (or don’t mesh well with) certain trainers.

  • 10. Do I have to switch stations each round?

It’s best practice to rotate stations between sets for an even, full-body training stimulus. However, if you have an injury, just let your trainer know and they’ll allow you to work through all sets at one station spot before switching.

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We hope this complete overview gave you a helpful introduction to the popular F45 Training workout program. Now you know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing, membership options, common class formats, and more if you’re considering trying F45.

A few key takeaways:

  • F45 offers fun, motivating 45-minute circuit-style workouts mixing HIIT and weights.
  • Your first class is always free.
  • Members pay $150-$250 monthly for unlimited access.
  • You can buy discounted 5/10/20-class packs instead.
  • Special programs like the F45 Challenge deliver extra support.

Ready to ramp up your fitness with a heart-pumping F45 workout? Use the studio locator tool to find one near you and check out some free intro classes today!

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