Barre3 Membership Cost & Prices List 2024

Barre3 is a popular full-body workout that fuses ballet, yoga, and Pilates to provide an effective exercise regimen that builds strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Founded in 2008 by fitness expert Sadie Lincoln, Barre3 has grown rapidly over the past decade with over 170 studios across North America.

The low-impact Barre3 workouts involve small, controlled movements to work and tone all major muscle groups.

Classes range from the foundational Barre3 Classic to more intense options like Barre3 Bounce and Barre3 HIIT. The workouts can be easily modified to suit different fitness levels, making Barre3 accessible for beginners while still challenging for experienced exercisers.

Barre3 Membership Cost 2024

Barre3 Membership Cost

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover Barre3 pricing for single classes, class packages, memberships, online workouts, and more.

Whether you’re considering trying your first class or signing up for an unlimited membership, understanding the costs and options will help you make the right choice.

Barre3 Pricing 2024

Barre3 offers flexible pricing options to suit different budgets and commitment levels. Here is an overview of standard Barre3 pricing:

  • Single Class – $22 to $35
  • 5-Class Pack – $100 to $135
  • 10-Class Pack – Around $200
  • Monthly Membership – $150 to $250

Pricing can vary slightly between locations. Intro offers and special discounts are also sometimes available, especially for new students.

How Much Is a Class at Barre3?

For a single drop-in class, expect to pay $22 to $35 at most Barre3 studios. Taking single classes without a package or membership represents the highest per-class rate.

Some locations may offer new student intro pricing of around $20 for your first visit. This allows you to test out a class at a lower cost before purchasing class packs or a membership.

The average price per class drops significantly when you purchase Barre3 class package deals or sign up for a monthly membership.

Prices for All Barre3 Class Packages

To save money over single-class drop-in rates, Barre3 offers class packs with set numbers of classes at a discounted per-class price.

Here is the breakdown of standard class package pricing at most locations:

  • 5-Class Package
    • Price – Around $100 to $135 total
    • Classes – 5
    • Per Class – $20 to $27
    • Duration – Typically 6 months to use
  • 10-Class Package
    • Price – Approximately $200
    • Classes – 10
    • Per Class – $20
    • Duration – Typically 6 months
  • 20-Class Package
    • Price – Around $400
    • Classes – 20
    • Per Class – $15 to $20
    • Duration – Typically 1 year
  • 50-Class Package
    • Price – Approximately $800
    • Classes – 50
    • Per Class – $16
    • Duration – 1 year

As you purchase larger class packages with longer terms, the per-class rate drops for significant savings compared to single drop-ins. This incentivizes regular attendance and longer commitment.

Class packs purchased at one Barre3 location can typically be used at any other Barre3 studio as well.

Prices for All Bar3 Classes

Barre3 offers a variety of class styles and difficulty levels to provide options for all interests and fitness levels. Pricing is generally the same across the various class types.

Here is an overview of the standard Barre3 classes and pricing:

  • Barre3 Classic
    • Barre3’s original signature class combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates
    • Single Class – $22 to $28
    • 5-Class Pack – $100 to $125
  • Barre3 Foundations
    • Slower beginner class focused on alignment and technique
    • Single Class – $22 to $28
    • 5-Class Pack – $100 to $125
  • Barre3 Advanced
    • Fast-paced class for experienced students
    • Single Class – $22 to $28
    • 5-Class Pack – $100 to $125
  • Barre3 Bounce
    • High energy cardio class incorporating a mini trampoline
    • Single Class – $24 to $30
    • 5-Class Pack – $110 to $135
  • Barre3 HIIT
    • High Intensity Interval Training format
    • Single Class – $24 to $30
    • 5-Class Pack – $110 to $135
  • Barre3 Restore
    • Gentle stretching and relaxation-focused
    • Single Class – $22 to $28
    • 5-Class Pack – $100 to $125

Monthly memberships, online workout programs, and other package deals are also available, detailed in the sections below.

Barre3 Prices List 2024

For easy reference, here is a price list summarizing the standard costs for single classes, class packs, and memberships:

Barre3 Offering Typical Price
Single Drop-In Class $22 to $35
5-Class Pack $100 to $135
10-Class Pack Around $200
Monthly Membership $150 to $250
Online Workouts/Nutrition $29/month

Barre 3 Deals & Discounts

While Barre3 has premium pricing consistent with boutique fitness studios, there are sometimes discounts or deals available:

  • New student introductory offers
  • Special packages around holidays
  • Student and teacher 15% discounts (with valid ID)
  • Membership perks like retail discounts and special events

Taking advantage of class packages and memberships provides the best value compared to single drop-in rates. Barre3 also sometimes offers sales around major holidays like Black Friday and New Years.

Additionally, students and teachers can save 15% off normal class prices by showing a valid school or teacher ID. This applies to all class styles.

Prices for Barre3 Locations Near Me

With over 170 locations across North America, you can likely find a Barre3 studio in a city near you. Average pricing for drop-in classes and memberships at the 25 top Barre3 studios in major US cities is summarized below:

Barre3 Location Single Class Price Monthly Membership Fee
Chicago, IL $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Clarendon Hills, IL $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Plainfield, IL $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Madison, WI $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Austin, TX $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Washington DC $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Alexandria, VA $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Bethesda, MD $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Berwyn, PA $20 – $35 $150 – $250
Philadelphia, PA $20 – $35 $150 – $250

Pricing is generally consistent across locations, with the monthly unlimited membership option providing high value for regular attendees.

Use the Barre3 Locations Page to find contact details for your nearest studio.


Here are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions about Barre3 classes, pricing, and memberships:

  • 1. Does Barre3 offer any discounts for new students?

Yes, many studios offer introductory new student deals for around $20 for your first class to try it out.

  • 2. How much do Barre3 class packages cost?

Class packs range from 5 classes for around $100 up to 50 classes for $800, with great per-class savings.

  • 3. Is Barre3 expensive compared to other boutique fitness studios?

No, Barre3 pricing is consistent and competitive with leading boutique studios like Pure Barre, CorePower Yoga, and others.

  • 4. How much does an unlimited membership cost?

Barre3 memberships offering unlimited monthly classes typically range from $150 to $250 depending on location.

  • 5. Can I use a class package from one Barre3 location at any other studio?

Yes, your Barre3 class packs can be used at any Barre3 location.

  • 6. Does Barre3 offer any discounts for students or teachers?

Yes, students and teachers get 15% off drop-in classes and packages with a valid school or teacher ID.

  • 7. What forms of payment does Barre3 accept?

Barre3 accepts all major credit cards, bank debit cards, Apple Pay/Google Pay, and PayPal.

  • 8. Can I pause or cancel my Barre3 membership at any time?

Yes, Barre3 allows you to freeze, pause, or cancel monthly memberships with 30 days notice without penalty.

  • 9. Does Barre3 offer fitness class live streams or on-demand online?

Yes, Barre3 provides both live stream and on-demand workout options through their online workout platform available for $29/month.

  • 10. What is Barre3’s cancellation and refund policy for classes?

You can cancel class registration up to 8 hours before for a full refund. Inside 8 hours, purchased classes are forfeited.

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In summary, Barre3 provides an exceptionally effective full-body workout fusion that tones muscles builds flexibility, and promotes healthy movement patterns.

The pricing is competitive for boutique studio fitness, with a range of options to suit different budgets.

  • Drop-in single classes cost between $22 and $35
  • High-value class packs bring the per class cost down significantly to as low as $15 per class
  • Monthly memberships offer unlimited classes for $150 to $250 per month

Special new student rates, student/teacher discounts, class packages, and membership deals provide affordable ways to try Barre3. Consider taking advantage of a new student offer for your first class, then use class packs for the lowest regular rates.

The growing studio footprint also makes it convenient to find Barre3 locations in most major cities to enjoy these highly effective workouts.

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