9 Round Membership Cost 2024

Looking to shake up your usual gym routine? Consider trying out 9 Round Fitness, a unique fitness studio that blends kickboxing and high-intensity interval training. This rising fitness franchise is earning rave reviews for its time-efficient full-body workouts that deliver serious results.

So what exactly is 9 Round all about and why the buzz? At 9 Round, members rotate through 9 stations focusing on different exercises for 3 minutes each.

This 30-minute circuit efficiently works for every muscle group by keeping your heart rate up. The stations feature heavy bags, speed bags, weights, core workouts, and more – all led by expert trainers ready to motivate you. No complicated equipment or fancy machines, just you, the trainers, and the challenge of high-intensity training.

People are taking notice of 9 Round for the convenience it offers busy professionals and anyone short on time looking to get in shape.

With an encouraging “no judgment” environment and the chance to burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes, 9 Round makes elevating your heart rate and pushing yourself achievable even for beginners. Members love showing up at their convenience since there are no set class schedules.

Intrigued so far but still unsure whether 9 Round is worth the investment over your average gym. This blog reveals everything you need to know about 9 Round Fitness membership costs, amenities, facility features, and more so that you can determine if it aligns with your budget and goals.

Let’s explore why more and more fitness seekers are trading machines for heavy bags!

9 Round Membership Cost 2024

9 Round Membership Cost

9 Round Fitness offers affordable pricing and reasonable facilities and services. We examine the top 15 questions about 9 Round Fitness pricing to determine if it’s the right fitness option for you.

There may be minor pricing variations between clubs based on size, amenities, and location. However, prices generally fall within the ranges below.

9 Round Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2024

Here are the standard 9 Round Fitness membership rates nationally:

9 Round Membership Cost 2024

Membership Enrollment Fee Monthly Fee Cancellation Fee
Month-to-Month $99 $119 $0
3 Months $99 $109 $0
6 Months $99 $89 $0
12 Months $99 $79 $0
12 Weeks $0 $349 one-time $0
Online Workouts $0 $19.99 $0

9 Round Fitness: How Much Does It Cost?

9 Round offers memberships based mainly on duration. Your choice of plan determines the cost, but benefits and amenities remain the same.

The month-to-month membership at $119/month is popular if you don’t want a long-term commitment. You’ll pay a $99 enrollment fee when signing up.

The three-month membership at $109/month is another short-term option. You’ll pay the $99 enrollment fee as well.

Next is the six-month term at $89/month. The enrollment fee is $99 and totals $116.33 per month.

You can also pay $199.99 upfront for an annual membership, making your monthly fee $199.99.

Online training programs are $19.99 monthly with no enrollment fee. Pay annually upfront for $199.99 in total.

Most clubs allow you to cancel without penalty with 30 days’ notice. Some charge fees to freeze or suspend memberships.

9 Round Offers & Discounts

9 Round Fitness provides membership and equipment discounts through vouchers and in-club specials. Excellent deals are offered around New Year’s and summer. Contact your club for current offers.

What Does 9 Round Membership Cost Online?

The 9 Round Fitness online program is $19.99 monthly. If you pay for the full year upfront, your total cost is $199.99.

What’s the Cost to Join 9 Round?

All 9 Round Fitness 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships have a $99 enrollment fee. Other plan types don’t have fees, except for one-time payment memberships.

What’s the 9 Round Initiation Fee?

The standard 9 Round Fitness enrollment fee is $99.

What Does 9 Round Cost Per Month?

Monthly 9 Round Fitness membership rates are:

  • Month-to-Month: $119
  • 3 Months: $109
  • 6 Months: $89
  • 12 Months: $79
  • 12 Weeks: $349 one-time payment
  • Online: $19.99

Prices may vary slightly by location and offering.

Can I Visit Any 9 Round Location with My Membership?

Typically, no. Due to the class format, each 9 Round club is its own entity. Contact your home club if you’re traveling to see if reciprocity is offered.

Can I Freeze My 9 Round Membership?

Yes, although policies and fees vary. Check with your location for specifics on freezing memberships.

What Are the Costs to Cancel a 9 Round Membership?

Cancellation policies and fees depend on the club. Month-to-month memberships allow cancellation without penalty in most clubs. Long-term contracts may carry cancellation fees.

Is Canceling a 9 Round Membership Difficult?

Cancellation policies vary by club. Many require written notice, while some allow phone or online cancellation. Review your membership agreement so you understand the terms and charges.

Are There Additional Fees?

Some clubs charge for items like wraps, gloves, or pads. Check with your location for fee specifics.

What’s Included in a 9 Round Membership?

The standard 9 Round Fitness membership includes:

  • Unlimited gym access
  • Access to a variety of workout classes and equipment

What Membership Options Does 9 Round Offer?

Available membership options include:

  • Month-to-month
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 12 weeks

Membership pricing varies by type and location. Check with your local 9 Round for details.

Are Discounts Available at 9 Round Fitness?

Yes, discounts are offered depending on location. Options include:

  • Student Discounts: Some locations offer discounts for students.
  • Military/First Responder Discounts: Available at some gyms.
  • Family Discounts: Offered for joint family memberships at some clubs.
  • Prepaid Memberships: Some locations discounts for paying upfront.

Contact your nearest 9 Round for specific details on availability.

What’s the Cost to Cancel a 9 Round Membership?

Most 9 Round Fitness memberships can be cancelled without fees. Long-term contracts at some clubs may carry cancellation charges. Check with your location for specific policies.

9 Round Fitness Guest Pass

First-timers can get a free workout to try 9 Round’s kickboxing-inspired workout. Sign up on their website if a location is nearby. Simply provide your contact information.

Fitness Coach Policies

9 Round coaches are required to “train, sell, and clean.” Kickboxing experience isn’t mandatory. However, sales and client service experience is preferred.

Coaches must keep up with workouts, convert newcomers to members, and clean the gym per the schedule.

Benefits of Joining 9 Round Fitness

  • Convenience: Work out any time that works for your schedule. No class times to adhere to.
  • Support: Qualified trainers guide and assist you at your fitness level.
  • Efficiency: The 30-minute high-intensity circuit focuses your entire body.
  • Fat Burning: The program keeps your fat-burning zone engaged the entire time.
  • Nutrition: Access 9 Round’s nutritional guidance.
  • Community: Encouraging team environment that feels like family.

Kickboxing Equipment

  • Heavy bags: Build muscle resistance kicking as hard as desired.
  • Speed bags: Increase hand-eye coordination and speed.
  • Horizontal bags: Improve speed and power with hook punches and shin kicks.
  • Wrecking bags: Use at any angle.
  • Hand pads: Practice punches.
  • Hanging target: Focus on kicks and punches.
  • Thai pads: Create powerful kick/punch combinations.

9 Round Fitness Review

With smart technology to monitor heart rate zones and an efficient 30-minute workout, 9 Round transforms bodies through full-body functional movements.

Verified member testimonials showcase consistent weight loss and body composition changes. The formula of convenient, short workouts plus solid nutritional guidance is why many choose 9 Round over other programs.

The encouraging, motivating environment keeps members coming back. For busy professionals needing efficient workouts that fit their hectic schedules, 9 Round is an ideal fit.

Member Perks and Amenities

Due to the workout format, 9 Round facilities are small without many amenities. Most have a locker room and bathrooms at most. Showers and locker cubes to store belongings are sometimes available but not guaranteed.

The target market is busy executives and professionals fitting in efficient 30-minute workouts around hectic work schedules. Many locations are conveniently situated in business districts.

As additional locations open, 9 Round is becoming a preferred gym option for busy people seeking short but impactful workouts to maintain their fitness.

Locating 9 Round Fitness Gyms

Use the gym locator on their website to find 9 Round locations near you. They continue expanding across the U.S. to make their signature kickboxing/cardio workout more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about 9 Round Fitness costs, memberships, amenities, and more:

  • How much does a 9 Round Fitness membership cost?

Membership rates average $89 monthly but vary by location and membership type.

  • Does 9 Round offer trial memberships?

Some locations offer free trial classes or sessions to try the workout before joining. Check with your local gym for specifics.

  • How do I cancel my 9 Round membership?

Cancelling requires written notice either through the gym website or directly to the gym. Review the cancellation policy closely for terms and potential fees.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my 9 Round membership?

Yes, contact your gym in writing to request a membership change. Prorated fees may apply. Your billing cycle will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Can I temporarily freeze my 9 Round membership?

Yes, 9 Round allows memberships to be frozen for up to 3 months, with the option to extend for an additional 3 months. A nominal fee may apply for this service.

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This complete overview covers all aspects of 9 Round Fitness pricing and membership particulars for 2024. Their 30-minute full-body circuit kickboxing workout fills an important niche for busy fitness seekers.

Hopefully, the above questions and answers help determine if the affordability, efficiency, and motivational environment make 9 Round a potential fit for your 2024 fitness goals!

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