BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost & Prices 2024

BODYBAR Pilates is an all-encompassing workout program that thoroughly engages the body while targeting essential muscle groups. Their high-intensity, low-impact classes enhance flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and overall health.

Classes range from beginner to advanced levels on state-of-the-art equipment. BODYBAR combines intense modern Pilates with a friendly neighborhood vibe across various locations.

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost & Prices 2024

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

BODYBAR Pilates membership prices usually range from $150 to $250 per month, depending on promotions. Members must wear non-slip grip socks, available for purchase on-site.

Here is an overview of BODYBAR Pilates pricing:

  • Cheers Membership (unlimited): $250/month
  • Speakeasy Membership (2x/week): $150/month
  • Drop-in Class: $30 per class
  • 5 Class Pack: $125
  • 10 Class Pack: $220
  • Personal Training: $85 per hour

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost

There are two main BODYBAR Pilates membership options:

Cheers Membership

  • Unlimited classes
  • Full access to amenities
  • $250 per month
  • Best for regular/dedicated members

Speakeasy Membership

  • 2 classes per week
  • $150 per month
  • For members combining Pilates with other activities

BODYBAR Pilates Drop-In Price

The drop-in option at BODYBAR Pilates costs about $30 per session. This offers flexibility for those who prefer to schedule workouts as needed.

Personal Trainer & Group Class Prices

Personal training at BODYBAR Pilates costs $85 per hour. This offers focused, personalized guidance and fitness goals.

Group classes are priced similarly to drop-ins at about $30 per class. They provide a vibrant, communal environment led by professional instructors.

Day Pass, Guest Pass Pricing, and Free Pass

BODYBAR Pilates offers various pass options:

  • Day Pass: $45 (1 day access to classes and facilities)
  • Guest Pass: $25 (1 class for friends/family of members)
  • Free Pass: 1 free day of access

These cater to newcomers wanting to try BODYBAR Pilates or members who want to bring visitors.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices List

Here is a price list for the main BODYBAR Pilates memberships, classes, and services:

  • Cheers Membership: $250/month
  • Speakeasy Membership: $150/month
  • Single Class/Drop-in: $30 per class
  • 5-Class Pack: $125
  • 10-Class Pack: $220
  • Personal Training: $85 per hour

BODYBAR Pilates Compared to Other Brands

Here is how BODYBAR Pilates membership pricing compares to other prominent Pilates and fitness brands:

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Club Pilates

  • BODYBAR is mid to high-end, from $150 to $250 per month
  • Club Pilates may start lower but also offers premium tiers

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Soap

  • Soap offers more than just Pilates, likely with different pricing
  • BODYBAR’s sole Pilates focus allows consistent, specialized pricing

BODYBAR Pilates vs. BarBell

  • BarBell focuses more on cardio and weights
  • BODYBAR pricing reflects specialized Pilates offerings

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Pilates Body Barre

  • Pilates Body Barre offers similar Pilates classes
  • BODYBAR maintains competitive rates for personalized/group sessions

BODYBAR Pilates Workouts & Classes

BODYBAR Pilates provides full-body workouts that boost flexibility, strength, endurance, and posture through Reformer Pilates. Class types include:


  • Beginner Pilates Introduction Reform + Refine
  • More intense Reformer/Power Tower Specialty
  • Target specific areas Advanced
  • Intense workouts requiring Pilates experience

There are also two class formats offered:

BODYBAR Reformer – Signature cardio-infused sessions BODYBAR Classic – Build proficiency/confidence with Reformer

A mobile app allows members to book/manage workouts on Android and iOS.

BODYBAR Pilates Hours and Locations

During the week, BODYBAR Pilates locations are open:

  • Mondays-Fridays: 5 am – 8:30 pm
  • Saturdays: 7 am – 12 pm
  • Sundays: 9 am – 12 pm

Hours accommodate early risers and after-work exercisers. An online locator or Google Maps finds nearby studios in areas like Dallas, Alpharetta, and Tampa.

BODYBAR Pilates Reviews

BODYBAR Pilates earns mostly 5-star Google ratings. Positive reviews praise:

  • Effective workouts
  • Personalized instruction
  • Variety of classes
  • Gorgeous environment
  • Friendly staff

Some drawbacks mentioned are the high prices.

BODYBAR Pilates Franchise Cost

The estimated BODYBAR Pilates franchise costs are:

  • Single Studio: $229,375 – $389,500
  • Area Development: $304,375 – $464,500

Plus 7% royalties and 1% advertising fees. This allows entrepreneurs to tap into the booming $12 billion fitness industry.

How to Cancel Membership To cancel a BODYBAR Pilates membership?

  • Send written cancellation notice directly to your studio
  • Policies vary by location
  • Class cancellations 10+ hours in advance avoid penalties

How to Update Membership BODYBAR Pilates?

membership updates involve switching between:

  • Cheers: Unlimited classes
  • Speakeasy: 2 classes per week

Choose the option that suits your lifestyle and goals.

Conclusion: How Much Does BODYBAR Pilates Cost?

BODYBAR Pilates offers specialized Pilates classes, equipment sessions, personal training, and memberships.

Pricing ranges from:

  • $150-$250 per month for unlimited (Cheers) vs. limited (Speakeasy) memberships
  • $30 per drop-in class
  • $85 per hour for private training

Consider your fitness goals and lifestyle to pick the suitable BODYBAR Pilates membership or session package for you.

Frequently Asked Questions Below are common questions about BODYBAR Pilates:

  1. What should I wear or bring to BODYBAR Pilates classes?
  • Wear non-slip grip socks (available on-site)
  • Comfortable workout clothes
  • Bring a towel and water
  • Store belongings in cubbies
  1. How do I sign up for BODYBAR Pilates classes?
  • Create a user profile and add payment online
  • Classes are open for booking 2 weeks in advance
  • Book early – classes fill up quickly
  1. Is there an age requirement at BODYBAR Pilates?
  • Ages 13+ welcome
  • Ages 16-18 need parental consent
  • Ages 13-15 must attend with a parent
  1. What is the BODYBAR Pilates class cancellation policy?
  • Cancel 10+ hours before class to avoid charges
  • Late cancellation fees apply
  • Memberships require written cancellation
  1. How do I schedule private BODYBAR Pilates training?
  • Contact your local BODYBAR Pilates studio
  • Cancel within 12 hours to avoid charges
  1. What if an online BODYBAR Pilates class is full?
  • Join the class waitlist
  • Cancel within 10 hours if moved off the waitlist
  1. What is the BODYBAR Pilates refund policy?
  • Classes/services: 7-day refund if unused, otherwise studio credit
  • Retail items: 30-day returns if unused in original condition
  1. What is the BODYBAR Pilates membership termination policy?
  • Written cancellation required
  • A $150 early termination fee applies to 6 or 12 month contracts.

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BODYBAR Pilates offers a variety of Pilates classes, training, and memberships to suit any fitness level, goal, or budget. Their specialized approach delivers an effective full-body workout focused on flexibility, strength, and posture.

Consider your needs to find the right BODYBAR Pilates offering and take the first step towards better health.

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