Pure Barre Prices + Membership Cost 2024

Pure Barre is a popular fitness studio franchise offering low-impact, full-body workouts that combine aspects of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. With over 500 locations across the U.S., Pure Barre aims to help clients improve their strength, flexibility, and balance through targeted yet gentle movements.

Before joining a Pure Barre class, it’s helpful to understand the typical pricing and main class types so you can choose the option that fits your budget and goals.

We’ll provide an overview of:

  • Pure Barre’s pricing for single classes, multi-class packages, and monthly memberships
  • Prices for the different Pure Barre class styles
  • Location-specific prices across the U.S.
  • Special deals and discounts

Pure Barre Prices 2024

Pure Barre Prices

The cost for a single 50-minute Pure Barre class typically ranges from $20-35 depending on location. Pure Barre Studios frequently runs deals for first-time clients and offers lower per-class prices when you purchase multi-class packages.

Here’s an overview of standard Pure Barre pricing:

  • Single Drop-In Class: $22
  • 5-Class Pack: $100
  • 10-Class Pack: $190
  • Monthly Unlimited Membership: $175-$225

Prices for All Pure Barre Classes Packages

While single classes provide a good intro to the Pure Barre method, most regular attendees purchase class package deals or monthly memberships to save money.

Here is the pricing breakdown for Pure Barre’s class bundles:

  • Single Class: $22
    • Best for first-timers who want to sample a class
  • New Student Offers:
    • First Class Free
    • One Month of Unlimited Classes: $100
  • 5-Class Package: $100
    • Valid for 6 months
    • Equates to $20 per class
  • 10-Class Package: $190
    • Valid for 6 months
    • Equates to $19 per class
  • 15-Class Package: $270
    • Valid for 6 months
    • Equates to $18 per class
  • 20-Class Package: $340
    • Valid for 12 months
    • Equates to $17 per class
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $175-$250
    • Includes unlimited classes
    • Typically a 12-month agreement
    • Discounts on retail purchases and specialty workshops

Based on your budget and anticipated frequency of visits, choose the multi-class bundle or monthly plan providing the best value. First-timers generally opt for the 5 or 10-class pack.

Pure Barre Prices List

For easy reference, here are Pure Barre’s class prices, package costs, and membership fees:

Item Price
Single Drop-In Class $22
5-Class Pack $100
10-Class Pack $190
15-Class Pack $270
20-Class Pack $340
Unlimited Monthly Membership $175-$250

The above pricing applies to most locations but can vary slightly by studio.

Prices for all Pure Barre Classes Types

In addition to the standard 50-minute Classic class, Pure Barre offers specialty class types with a targeted focus. Pricing is similar across the different class styles.

  • Pure Barre Classic: $25-$35
    • Signature 50-minute total body workout
  • Pure Barre Empower: $25-$35
    • 45-min fusion with cardio intervals
  • Pure Barre Reform: $25-$35
    • Fuses Pilates equipment with barre
  • Pure Barre Align: $25-$35
    • Improves flexibility and balance

Pure Barrealso offers a Foundations class for beginners at no charge to introduce basic techniques.

Next, we’ll outline prices for Pure Barre locations across different U.S. cities so you can estimate costs near you.

Pure Barre Prices List for Locations Near Me

Pure Barre Prices List for Locations Near Me

As a franchise with over 500 studios nationwide which you can check locations here, Pure Barre pricing is generally consistent but can vary slightly by region.

Here are sample single-class drop-in rates and monthly unlimited membership fees for major metro areas:

City Single Class Price Monthly Membership Price
Dallas, TX $23 $179
Los Angeles, CA $30 $250
New York City, NY $34 $359
Chicago, IL $25 $199
Houston, TX $23 $169
Washington D.C. $25 $199
San Francisco, CA $25 $199
Seattle, WA $25 $225
Boston, MA $30 $299

Use the Pure Barre studio locator to find your closest location’s rates. Class packages can provide over 30% savings from single-class drop-in pricing.

Pure Barre Deals and Discounts

While Pure Barre does not offer broad discounts or promotions, new students can take advantage of these intro offers:

  • First Class Free
  • One Month of Unlimited Classes for $100 (regularly $175+ for new members)

Regional studios also periodically run student, military, first responder, and neighborhood resident discounts of 5-15% off.

Check your local Pure Barre website for any limited-time specials before enrollment. Class packages offer the best value for regular participants.


  • 1. How much does a Pure Barre membership cost?

A Pure Barre monthly membership typically ranges from $175 to $250 per month depending on your location. This gives you unlimited access to classes.

  • 2. What is included in a Pure Barre membership?

A Pure Barre membership includes unlimited classes at your home studio. It also provides discounts on retail items and specialty workshops.

  • 3. Does Pure Barre offer any membership deals?

Yes, Pure Barre frequently offers deals like your first month for $100 rather than the regular $175+ monthly rate. New students can also take their first class for free.

  • 4. Is there a contract with a Pure Barre membership?

In most cases, Pure Barre memberships require a 12-month commitment to get the advertised monthly rate. Shorter or month-to-month memberships have a higher fee per month.

  • 5. Can you freeze a Pure Barre membership?

Most locations allow you to temporarily freeze or suspend your membership for medical reasons or extended travel. The freeze duration and fees depend on the studio’s policy.

  • 6. Does Pure Barre offer class packages?

Yes, if you don’t want a monthly membership, Pure Barre has class packages like 5 classes for $100 or 10 classes for $190. These packages expire after 6-12 months.

  • 7. Can you cancel a Pure Barre membership?

You can cancel a monthly Pure Barre membership at any time but will need to pay an early cancellation fee equal to 2 months of membership dues in most cases.

  • 8. How often do current members attend classes?

On average, most Pure Barre members attend 2 to 3 classes per week. Some members go more frequently or less depending on their personal schedule and fitness goals.

  • 9. Does Pure Barre offer any membership discounts?

Discounts are sometimes available for students, first responders, military, medical professionals, or residents of certain neighborhoods. Discounts typically range from 5-15% off standard rates.

  • 10. What happens after you cancel a Pure Barre membership?

Once you successfully cancel, your membership expires at the end of the current billing cycle. Any unused classes in packages are forfeited. You can rejoin Pure Barre at any time later on.

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Pure Barre delivers targeted, low-impact workouts combining Pilates, yoga, and ballet at over 500 nationwide locations. Pricing runs from $22 for a single drop-in class to $250 monthly for unlimited access, with discounted rates when purchasing 5, 10, or 20-class packs valid for 6-12 months.

New students can take their first class free or gain unlimited access for the first month at $100. Class packages offer per-class savings of up to 25%. Compare locations to find the best rates near you.

Pure Barre provides an efficient, full-body strength and flexibility workout for all fitness levels. Review the pricing and membership options to choose the rate plan that matches your budget and commitment goals.

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