Genesis Health Club Membership Cost 2024

Are you looking to join a premium fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, personalized training, and group classes? Genesis Gym offers all that and more at competitive membership rates.

This article unravels Genesis Gym’s pricing structure to help you make an informed decision.

Genesis Health Club Membership Cost 2024

Genesis Health Club Membership Cost

Genesis Health Club Membership Cost at a Glance:

Here is an overview of the standard Genesis Gym membership pricing:

  • Initiation Fee: $200 (one-time)
  • Monthly Fee:
    • Month-to-Month: $66
    • 6-Month Contract: $56
  • Membership Cancellation: Free

The initiation fee gets you started as a Genesis Gym member. After that, you pay ongoing monthly fees based on whether you choose a flexible month-to-month plan or commit to a 6-month contract for better rates.

Let’s look at the key membership options in more detail:

Month-to-Month Membership

  • $200 initiation fee
  • $66 monthly fee
  • Cancel anytime

The month-to-month plan offers maximum flexibility. You can cancel your membership anytime without penalties. It costs $66 per month after the one-time $200 initiation fee.

This plan suits you if you:

  • Want to try out the gym before committing
  • Need flexibility to pause/cancel anytime
  • Don’t mind paying slightly higher monthly rates

6-Month Membership

  • $200 initiation fee
  • $56 monthly fee
  • 30-day notice for cancellation

The 6-month plan slashes your monthly fee to $56 if you commit for 6 months. You still need to pay the $200 initiation fee upfront.

To cancel, you must provide 30 days’ notice. There are no cancellation penalties.

This plan appeals if you:

  • Know you’ll use Genesis Gym for 6+ months
  • Want cheaper monthly rates
  • Are okay with a 6-month commitment

Key Membership Benefits

All Genesis Gym memberships include:

  • Access to all gym locations and premium facilities
  • State-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment
  • Lap pools, saunas, steam rooms
  • Fitness classes like yoga, Zumba®, cycling, etc.
  • Custom personal training sessions
  • Nutrition coaching and meal plans
  • Childcare services
  • Mobile access to classes/schedules

Some clubs also offer 24/7 gym access, pro-shop discounts, guest passes, and tanning. Benefits ultimately depend on your gym location.

Payment Options

You can pay for your Genesis Gym membership fees through:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Automatic bank drafts
  • PayPal

Members get perks like free childcare services so you can focus on your workouts.

Personal Training Costs

Looking for extra attention and coaching? Genesis Gym offers personal training starting at $20 per session. If you purchase sessions in bulk, overall costs come down:

  • Single session: $20
  • 10-pack: $160

That’s quite reasonable compared to other premium gyms. Trainers can help you with strength building, cardio, weight loss, and sport-specific goals.

Who Can Join Genesis Gym?

Genesis Gym has open membership with certain guidelines on minimum age:

  • Age 18+ can access gyms independently
  • Ages 12-16 must bring adult supervision
  • Family add-on plans available

So adults, teens, and families are welcome. Only children below 12 can’t use Genesis Gyms. Senior discount plans may be available at certain locations.

Membership Freezes, Pauses and Guests

Membership Freezes

Heading out of town? You may be able to temporarily freeze your Genesis Gym membership. Policies and permitted freeze duration depend on your plan. Check with your local gym for specifics.

Guest Passes

Want to bring a friend? Genesis Gym offers $15 guest passes for them to access facilities for a day. Great for letting friends try it out before joining.

Ongoing Member Discounts and Promotions

Genesis Gym runs frequent promotions like:

  • Enrolment fee waivers
  • Extra free personal training sessions
  • Discounted membership rates
  • Referral rewards

Additionally, long-term loyal members get access to exclusive member rates and offers.

It’s worth checking their gym websites for the latest deals before joining. Timing it with an ongoing sale can save you extra.

Summarizing Genesis Gym Membership Value

Overall, Genesis Gym offers exceptional facilities, equipment, classes, and personalization at reasonable membership rates. Both month-to-month and 6-month memberships offer good value depending on your preferences for commitment and pricing. Before joining, consider:

  • Facilities and amenities needed – Pick a club with everything you want
  • Membership flexibility preferred – Choose month-to-month or 6-month plans accordingly
  • Personal training required – Factor in added costs if needed
  • Current deals/offers – Consider if any promotions fit your timing

Review these factors at your desired Genesis Gym location and sign up at a pricing level matching your budget and preferences.

Top Alternatives to Consider

Here are a few top premium gym chains to also consider before joining if Genesis Gym isn’t the right fit:

Gym Monthly Fee Key Highlights
LA Fitness $30-50 Low fees, widespread locations, pools, classes
Lifetime Fitness $150-200 Upscale experience, lap pools, café, family plans
Equinox $200+ Multi-sport specialty gyms, premium experience
Planet Fitness $10 Budget rates, basic equipment, and facilities

FAQs on Genesis Health Club Membership Cost:

  • Q1. Can I get any membership discounts at Genesis Gym?

Yes, Genesis Gym provides student, senior, military, and first-responder discounts of 10-20% for eligible members.

  • Q2. Do all Genesis Gyms offer the same amenities?

Amenities can vary somewhat across individual Genesis Gym locations, like 24/7 access or pools. Visit your nearest gym’s website to check all provided services and facilities before joining.

  • Q3. How do I cancel my Genesis Gym membership?

Canceling is easy for either membership plan – just submit a written notice to your gym’s manager. Month-to-month plans can be canceled anytime with no fees. For 6-month memberships, provide 30 days’ notice after the 6 months.

  • Q4. Can I pause my Genesis Gym membership temporarily?

Yes, you can temporarily freeze or suspend memberships, typically for 1-3 months per year. The freeze duration allowed depends on your contract. Confirm exact policies with your gym.

  • Q5. Does Genesis Gym offer single-club or multi-club memberships?

Genesis Gym sells standard memberships usable at any of their 60+ gym locations across multiple states, including Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska.

  • Q6. How much do Genesis Gym personal training sessions cost?

Personal training starts at an average of $20 per session at Genesis Gyms. Buying larger 10 or 20-session training packages reduces the per-session cost compared to single-session purchases.

  • Q7. What are the various Genesis Gym membership options?

There are two main membership plans – a flexible month-to-month option at $66/month and a 6-month commitment plan at $56/month. Both require a one-time $200 initiation fee plus monthly dues.

  • Q8. Can I work out at any Genesis Health Club gym with my membership?

Yes, your home club membership allows access to any of the 57 Genesis Health Club gyms in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska. A multi-club pass provides the most convenience.

  • Q9. What is the minimum age to join Genesis Gym independently?

You must be at least 18 years old to get an independent Genesis Gym membership. If you’re between 12-16 years old, you can join but an adult must accompany you when working out.

  • Q10. How much does Genesis Gym charge for guest passes if I bring friends?

Genesis Gym offers $15 guest passes if you want to invite non-member friends to try the gym with you for a day before they sign up.

Join a Premium Gym That Fits Your Lifestyle

In summary, Genesis Gyms offers premium facilities and first-class service at competitive membership rates.

Evaluate your preferences across location, pricing, amenities, flexibility, and budget to choose the right kind of membership plan.

Be sure to also check out any limited-time promos and member perks to maximize savings and value from your membership.

Join Genesis Gym tailored to your fitness needs today!

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